Monday, December 14, 2009

Our Blessed Sunday

On Sunday, we (the Lewis family) had only our second Reader's Service since being baptized. Our Readers Service currently consists of a complete Matins and the Typica lasting about an hour and forty minutes. A Readers Service is any service held by Orthodox laymen without a priest present. In our case, we have a priest, but he is in a neighboring state. This blessed priest oversees at least three such missions and is fielding calls from all over the country from those wanting to be in communion with the Genuine Orthodox Church of America, of which we are a part. Our priest will visit us upon occasion, but, in his absence, we will continue to worship on a regular basis in Tennessee.

Although we knew that word of a baptized Genuine Orthodox family in the Nashville area holding Readers Services, would be encouraging news to others of  like-mind, we did not anticipate the blessing of two other worshipers joining us so soon. There were six of us for the Reader's Service on Sunday. The two that joined us have been faithfully worshiping in their home for several years, while remaining in communion with another Genuine Orthodox jurisdiction. With the blessing of our priests and bishops, we will continue to join together as often as possible and, in fact, have made plans to worship together next Sunday. We are also planning a Nativity Service.

There is no doubt that there are others in the Nashville, Tennessee area who will rejoice in knowing that there is a group of Genuine Orthodox believers with which they may commune. Many, who are becoming aware of the heresies within their own Orthodox jurisdictions, are comforted to learn of the Genuine and True Orthodox jurisdictions. Heaven is rejoicing as well, in that the Faith of our Fathers is offered in such a tangible way in Tennessee, within the shelter of the Genuine Orthodox Church of America, which holds fast to the Dogma and Canons of the Church and resists all forms of heresy and apostasy that is so prevalent today.

We invite all who are of the same heart and mind or those who are seeking the truth of the Genuine Church, to join us in worship of the Holy Trinity, as as we pray together,

"We were filled in the morning with thy mercy, O Lord, and we rejoiced and were glad. In all our days, let us be glad for the days wherein Thou didst humble us, for the years wherein we saw evils. And look upon thy servants, and upon Thy works, and do Thou guide their sons. And let the brightness of the Lord our God be upon us, and the works of our hands do Thou guide aright upon us, yea, the works of our hands do Thou guide aright."

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 Pictured Above: 
Father Anastasios Hudson of the Genuine Orthodox Church of America 
makes the Lewis family catechumins, the night before their Holy Baptism.

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