Sunday, May 02, 2010

Pray for Tennessee- Historic Floods- CURRENT UPDATES- "The 1000 Year Flood"


Please pray for the state of Tennessee, especially the Nashville area, where we live. Historic flooding. Two months of rain in two days. Freeways and streets closed. Flash floods in neighborhoods. Many water rescues. Five lives lost so far. Watching a water rescue right now- man trapped by rushing water. Saw 30 cars overcome by rushing waters on a stopped freeway. One drowned. Texting friends in areas of Franklin, TN- Rising water within 4 feet of their house- they are trapped.

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UPDATE... 12:00 Noon

We just finished our  Readers Service. I had to go out on the deck during the service, to stop water that was headed toward our door. We are warm and safe. The Tornado Warning is over for the time being. 1000's still stranded on the freeways in and about Nashville. Rain still pouring down. Eight have died so far. Train tracks caved in and washed out throughout the region. Red cross has set up at a large local Protestant church near us. Others throughout the region. Bridges buckling in Franklin. Downtown is waterlocked- only two roads in.

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UPDATE...3 p.m.

It is still raining...for hours won' let up. There is concern about downtown Nashville. The Cumberland River has not crested and is over 46 ft. The last highest  record in 1984 at 44 feet. At 50 feet portions of downtown will flood.

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Update 3:20 p.m.

Just heard from our church members. All are fine though some are stranded by high waters. Another is braving the weather to pick up a friend whose house is without utilities...Pray for their safety.

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UPDATE 8:30 p.m

City of Franklin is under curfew. Thousands of water rescues throughout the area. Working throughout the night. 11 deaths so far. Thousands homeless. Most have no flood insurance due to flooding in non-floodplain areas. Historic downtown Nashville may be flooded overnight if water rises another 1 foot. Freeways at a standstill. Thousands of motorists stranded. Water continuing to rise. Not expected to recede anytime soon. Power outages. Deviation and a very real current threat. One house burned down. God bless the rescue efforts...

Please continue to pray...

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Monday 4 p.m. UPDATE

Titans Stadium flooded. Grand Ole Opry, Opryland Hotel, Opryland Mall-  under water. Cumberland River expected to crest at 52 feet later tonight. Parts of downtown Nashville flooded. New Performance hall flooded. Water still rising. 11 feet over flood stage. Estimates 20 inches of rain in 48 hours-unprecedented.

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Tuesday Morning- Final UPDATE 

Water is starting to slowly recede in some areas. Electricity out in downtown Nashville.

It is being called, in some respects, the 1000 year flood.  10-15 feet above flood level. 20 inches of rain in 48 hours.


I-24 These motorists were caught off guard. All escaped but one.


  1. Nathan,
    Loved the video!

  2. Anonymous1:33 AM

    The building in the center of the video is claimed by Lighthouse Christian School in Antioch.

    Just thought I would point that out.

  3. Anon, Thanks. I knew that, but it is good info for JTO Readers.


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