Friday, December 21, 2012

Orthodox Christian Film Makers- UPDATE: 9/1/14

As a film producer and an Orthodox Christian, I am pleased to recommend a Facebook page designed to create a community for Orthodox Christians who are involved in the film industry. The FB page, called Orthodox Christian Film Makers, states:

"This group is for all Orthodox Christians who are professional or amateur film makers. Writers, directors, producers, cinematographers, actors, etc., join and share your work."

[UPDATE: 9/1/14: Although I still see value in this FB Group, I have left it because it did not adhere to the above statement. The administrator decided to allow non-orthodox members. It became difficult to discuss the orthodox mind and how it applies to film making while having to view an Evangelicals's rapture movie shot on a camcorder. I also found myself having to discern who was Orthodox and who was not. I have many non-orthodox relationships in the film industry and I value them all, but,  it was the exclusivity of this Group that made it appealing. It lost that appeal.]

You can find the FB page HERE. As of this post, the page membership consists of 9 merry men and one fair maiden. Come and join us! There is plenty of room!

Early in my Journey to Orthodoxy I was subjected, on an "orthodox internet forum", to some arrogant and negative confrontations by a few filmmakers, who, apparently, deemed the presence of another filmmaker as competition. I was also challenged by my uninformed priest who told me to get out of the film industry lest my soul suffer destruction. Needless to say, I am no longer part of that internet forum nor part of that priest's parish. UPDATE: 3/5/15 ...that priest is also no longer a priest.

I hope and pray that this simple FB page will be an encouragement to all filmmakers who understand that Christ's commission to "Go into all the world" includes the film industry. Could there be a more "worldly" place? I also hope and pray that those who are not in the film industry will pray fervently for all of us who are.

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