Monday, January 04, 2016

Feature Film Enters Investment Phase

Rocky Top Pictures, LLC has partnered with ProCon Entertainment and Higher Purpose Entertainment to produce a feature film with the working title, Chasing Weisberg. The screenplay is written by Nathan Lee Lewis, JTO blog Administrator and Executive Producer of Rocky Top Pictures, and John Mark Huckabee, CEO of ProCon Entertainment and eldest son of Presidential Candidate Governor Mike Huckabee. The screenplay is based on the book The Woodland Hills Tragedy by S. Ricky Christian. "Rick" Christian is the president of Alive Literary Agency in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The Woodland Hills Tragedy was Rick's first book after his stint as the Executive Editor of the Saturday Evening Post. 

The story follows the true account of Rick's goal of tracking down the man responsible for hording 16,433 aborted fetuses in a rented trash container at a posh California suburb in the 1980's. The true event made headline news and drew the involvement of government officials, the courts, the police, celebrities, politicians, and various political groups. Even President Ronald Reagan weighed in on the volatile event. His letter, written at the time, is a profound testimony as to why Chasing Weisberg must be brought to the screen:

"...I want you to know of the great horror and sadness evoked by the incident...When all is said and done, being confronted with the reality of abortion and its consequences, removes all trace of doubt and hesitation. The terrible irony about this sudden discovery is not that so many human lives were legally aborted, but that they are only a tiny portion of the...unborn children quietly destroyed in our nation each year. This is the truth many would rather not face...I am hopeful that evidence like that found in California will move those who have thus far preferred silence or inaction and encourage them to agree that something must be done. I have expressed my anticipation that Congress act expeditiously on this matter and approve a measure which will remove this evil, and its vestiges, from our society..."  Sincerely, Ronald Reagan

The discovery by Producer Nathan Lee Lewis of Rick Christian's out-of-print book in a second-hand store, and the producing of the book into a feature film will help assure that President Reagan's profound desire be fulfilled and Rick Christian's own personal account be shared with a mass audience.

"Chasing Weisberg is the journey of Rick Christian's soul from detachment to involvement, from apathy to deep concern. On a larger scale, it is a reflection of what it means to live in a society that routinely destroys its own sons and daughters – not merely statistics, but flesh and blood people. In the end, Rick is faced with the unsettling discovery that the perpetrators of such evil and heinous acts do not always appear as monsters. More often than not, they look just like you and me."

Accredited Investors are invited to contact Higher Purpose Entertainment for investment opportunities and information. Chasing Weisberg is a medium budget project, designed for theatrical release, and will be SAG/AFTRA registered.  

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