Sunday, May 17, 2015

Low Attitude Leads to High Altitude

As spoken by Saint Symeon the New Theologian:

"There are  times when I, without willing it, mount to the height of contemplation; with my will I am drawn down from it because of the limitations of human nature and find safety in abasement. I know many things that are unknown to most men, yet I am more ignorant than all others. I rejoice because Christ, "whom I have believed", has bestowed on me an eternal and unshakable kingdom, yet I constantly weep as one who is unworthy of that which is above, and I cease not. I dare not open my mouth and ask forgiveness for my actions; yet for the sake of others I speak boldly out of love and, to speak foolishly, people listen to me! I stand before Him as a son, 

yet my attitude is that of a stranger who dares not speak. 

I hear Him say, "Well done, faithful servant" and the rest, yet in reality I find I have not kept even one talent of those that were given to me. It seems to me that I reach the very summit of blessings, yet I am a prisoner down in the abyss of my sins, engulfed in despair. It is when I am abased below all others that I am lifted up above the heavens and am once more united in love to Christ our God. Before Him I hope to stand, once I am rid of the burden of this earthy flesh, and even closer to Him, and in addition be yet more clearly 

initiated into the eternal joy and exhalation of the love that is on high."

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