Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Preach It Brother!

I am struck, as I continue my Journey To Orthodoxy, by the knowledge that God's grace extends outside the Orthodox Church. This statement may draw the ire of some, especially those in the Old Calender groups, both priests and laymen, who have told me that everything that came before my baptism into the Church was false and was not God. Really-I have often been subjected to the assertion that all that came before was prelest, deception, and the workings of demons. It took me a while, and two sectarian-minded priests to realize that that is a modern form of phariseeism birthed of isolation. One priest actually told me that if I were to leave his communion, there would be "no salvific grace for me in the sacraments".  Another told me that I should get out of the film industry. Arrogance, judgement, and lack of love always accompany such. I currently even have "orthodox" pharisees decrying the fact that I am in the film industry. One condemned, as "folly", the fact that I am in Hollywood, working, during Lent, as if there is no Lent in California and as if there is some obligation to quit our jobs for 40 days. That background laid, I am inspired when I find, in Hollywood, the gospel of our Lord Jesus being presented to the world, even through heterodox instruments. Although this man may not yet have journeyed all the way to the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, can one honestly say that he is deceived and influenced by demons in what he says? I say...PREACH IT BROTHER!


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