Saturday, April 24, 2010

What Goes Straight Up Must Come Straight Down...Except Steel-Frame Buildings

UPDATE 1/10/2010 Although the video associated with this post has been removed, there are many like it available on You Tube.

A borrowed post from my friend, Sophocles Frangakis, at his BLOG, a..Sinner.

I ran across this clip on facebook today.  I have also seen Richard Gage discuss what he feels is the evidence against the official story on what happened on 9-11 on a much longer clip.  As well on the longer clip, there was someone who debated him and offered what I feel was good counter-evidence to refute Richard Gage's evidence.  However, I did and still do feel that what has been handed down as the official story of what happened on that day is seriously flawed.

That the buildings once stood where they were and no longer do is an indisputable fact.  But how they were taken down, by whom, and why are questions that continue to trouble me and many others.  In fact, the number of people who have begun to voice doubt is growing and I would say with good reason.

Let me just say up front that I love my country.  I pray for her and if need be, I would fight in her defense.

However, with that said, as I have progressed in the Life of the Church, the allure of this world and its kingdoms has been lessening to the proportion that I have begun to understand that Christianity is not a religion but a Kingdom.

And with this, I would have to say that the idea that outrageous things can and do happen in the world which go against all conventions of what we have in the West been raised to believe is fair and just is part of my own working knowledge of what constitutes the Fall and that evil demonic and spiritual powers are actively involved in the world.

To have a credible Orthodox Worldview, one must believe and know this otherwise the Gospel is something less than what it is meant to be.  Meaning, the Gospel does not merely offer "spiritual" solace, i.e. is not concerned with the material creation, but confronts evil incarnate, i.e. the fact that evil has real power in the creation and that there is an actual hierarchy of evil.

The Devil is not a myth.  Nor should we believe that there aren't those who wield great power and serve him actively and do his bidding.  Descending from this inner circle the true knowledge of the diabolical machinations become diffused and at some level it just merely means "the world system"i.e. what we all have brought up in and have come to consider as "normal".

Scripture and the Holy Fathers constantly bring our attention to the very real fact of this evil reality which in modern "enlightened" times has ceased to have people really take its existence seriously.

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