Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Religious Views Of FaceBook

I did a quick survey of my family and close friends on FaceBook. I found their profiles particularity interesting, especially where each listed their religious views. My Orthodox relatives aside, here is a snapshot of those who listed their "Religious Views":

"I'm not religious and neither is God."
"Jesus Saves"
"Jesus is legit"
"nontraditional Baptist"
"Left handed path"
"I love Jesus"
"Christian- Church of Christ"
"Christ follower"
"I follow Jesus Christ"
"Follower of Jesus"
"Jesus loves me this I love"
"Evangelical Christian"
"Lover of Jesus" 
"I love Jesus"
"born again Christian"
"of course"
"Christianity is not a religion it's a relationship"
"Knowing Jesus & going to heaven"
"Go Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
"It's about grace"
"Christian-Southern Baptist"
"Believing in God"
"Jesus is the way"
"I follow Christ while remaining accepting of all. Unlike a lot of other people I know."

and my favorite...

"This does not seem like enough space to give a religious view"

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  1. this is good. i'm going to try this with my fb friends too. very interesting.


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