Thursday, June 03, 2010

Flotilla Choir Presents: "We Con The World"-UPDATE

For Deb, and all of the other anti-Semite supporters of Islamic-terrorists, who have been duped by Islamic propaganda...

Remember the Islamic mantra- "First comes Saturday then comes Sunday." For those who need interpretation: "First we kill the Jews then we kill the Christians"  Fools! Their goal is world domination and lies and violence are their tools.

UPDATE: JTO Editor's Note: I have left the below link to the You Tube Video embedded so that you can see that, after over 3 million hits, You Tube removed it due to "copyright  infringement." So you will have to use your imagination- We Con The World, sung to the tune of We Are The World, is a parody of the famous recording session. Several Israelis are in a studio singing lyrics showing how the Flotilla participants and their supporters, use the anti-Semite media to hide the truth of their violent intentions. Since you can't see the video on You Tube, I have posted a second video of the actual Flotilla participants on the ship. They have had prior warning through diplomatic channels that they would be stopped. See how they plan to resist.
UPDATE: 7/21/2014 JTO Editor's Note: It seems the video below is reactivated. Click to watch.

(The Censored (then uncensored) Video of We Con The World)

Watch and listen to the so-called  peaceful "humanitarian" Flotilla members as they plan, in the name of Allah, to resist the Israeli soldiers with force. Notice how they also say that Israel is not a state. Sounds rather like a militant Islamic rally doesn't it? It is evident that they try to "con the world". The truth is, that by allowing Israel to inspect their cargo for arms and prove their intent to delver humanitarian goods to Gaza, the aid would be allowed to be delivered. It is evident by their words that delivery of aid to Gaza was NOT their main objective. Their stated intent was to create an incident by becoming martyrs. Nine achieved their goal.

The Flotilla Islamic Rally


  1. It is no more anti-semite to criticize the Israeli government than it is anti-American to criticize our government. There are plenty of Jewih pople, both American and Israeli, who have been and are criticizing Israel for these actions and for the Israeli government's occupation and apartheid practices. I am not an anti-Semite, Nathan, and you ought to apologise to me for incorrectly calling me that.

  2. Based on our many conversations, your support of those who advocate the annihilation of the Jewish people, not just the Jewish state, you stand with those who are anti-Semite and thus have become one with them. Islamic terrorists are evil and you do align yourself with them. You are, by your actions and words anti-Semitic. There will be no apology and no more patience for your advocacy of the destruction of the Jewish people. You are a tool for terrorist propaganda and I will give you no more consideration.

  3. Ahh Nathan, you are so wrong, and your attack of me is very unkind. I do not support anyone who advocates the annihilation of the Jewish people - that is crazy talk, as are the rest of your comments.
    I forgive you though, for these words of yours are based on a deep misunderstanding and lack of information. Slamming doors on people is counterproductive and unloving.
    I don't suppose you will post this, though. That is sad.

  4. Anonymous6:01 AM

    Just a little unsolicited might want to be careful about saying anything about an individual that could be taken as public slander...

  5. Anon, Public discourse on a BLOG using only the first name of a person who voluntarily comments here does not constitute slander. I am used to attacks and fear tactics such as what you have offered here. Such tactics attempts to take people off of the topic. Deb advocates the annihilation of the State of Israel and I am supposed to be silent? I think not.

  6. Deb, I have watched your discourse escalate from "try to understand the plight of the Palestinian people" to "Israel has no right to exist" and your support of murderous terrorists, Hamas, which murders its own, not to mention innocent Israelis by the use of missiles fired from the Gaza strip. I have advocated the cease of all hostilities. You have defended the terrorists acts as justified to remove the "occupiers". Your thinking is skewed. Thank you for your "forgiveness". If only you would extend some of that to the Israeli citizens both Jew and Arab, who are fighting for their very existence.

    You Said:
    "I do not support anyone who advocates the annihilation of the Jewish people."

    If it clucks like a chicken...Your statement is either ignorant or dishonest.

    Do you know what the armed terrorists on the Flotilla were yelling? They do not hate just the nation of Israel. They hate Jews or "pigs" as they teach their children to call them, and advocate their annihilation and you defend and support their actions. Have you learned nothing from history?

    I will resist your thinking, your kind, and refute your misguided rhetoric with every fiber of my being.

  7. I do NOT sdvocate the annihilation of the state of Israel, Nathan. Do not put words in my mouth. Geeez.

  8. Deb, Here are some of the words that are in your mouth, but I did not put them there. They are spoken by those you support with your words...

    "It is our right as an occupied people to defend ourselves from the occupation by all means possible including suicide attacks."
    (Hamas leader Ayman Taha, December 22, 2008).

    "...the Jewish faith does not wish for peace nor stability, since it is a faith that is based on murder: 'I kill, therefore I am'... Israel is based only on blood and murder in order to exist, and it will disappear, with Allah's will, through blood and Shahids [martyrs]."
    (Dr. Yussuf Al-Sharafi, Hamas representative, April 12, 2007; as reported by Palestinian Media Watch, April 23, 2007)

    "[Hamas] will not change a single word in its covenant [which is calling for the destruction of Israel]."
    (Mahmoud Zahar, Hamas leader, after casting his vote in the Gaza Strip, January 25, 2006, Ha'aretz)

    "We do not recognize the Israeli enemy, nor his right to be our neighbor, nor to stay (on the land), nor his ownership of any inch of land.... We are interested in restoring our full rights to return all the people of Palestine to the land of Palestine. Our principles are clear: Palestine is a land of Waqf (Islamic trust), which can not be given up."
    (Mahmoud Zahar, Hamas leader and candidate to the Palestinian legislative council, Palestinian TV, January 17, 2006, Newsday)

  9. Nathan, I never said that I support Hamas or that Israel has no right to exist. You are putting words in my mouth.
    My concern is with the oppressed Palestinian PEOPLE, not political factions. Its about human rights and humanitarian issues.

  10. Deb, thank you once again for allowing me to shed light on your ignorant or dishonest dissemination of terrorist propaganda. You have regularly used the phrase "Occupiers" in regard to Israel and sent me numerous articles and links of those who share your views. Now if the Jews are "occupiers" then they are not supposed to be there, are they? In your view and the view of those you support, Israel has stolen the land and must be driven out. You refuse to denounce Hamas who are the real oppressors of their own people in Gaza. THIS IS THE HUMANITARIAN FLOTILLA PEOPLE YOU SUPPORT.

    Israel removed from Gaza its own citizens for the sake of peace and all was well until Hamas came into power and started using Gaza to launch missiles into Israeli neighborhoods. Hamas was being armed via ships. This is why the blockade was formed. Humanitarian aide is allowed through, but only after being inspected for arms. You wrote that if it weren't for Israel, the "occupiers", Hamas would not need to exist. Thus you use subterfuge when you say,

    "Nathan, I never said that I support Hamas or that Israel has no right to exist."

    Your concern for human rights is impure bias when you REFUSE to consider the human rights of innocent Israeli Jews AND ARABS.

    You put your own words in your own mouth. You are a propaganda pawn, in the "humanitarian" genre. Ask Hamas where the over 1 Billion dollars a year in aide is going. It is certainly not going to their people. It is being used to wage war to annihilate the Jews and you are part and parcel by your rhetoric.

  11. Deb,

    "Peaceful" Flotilla "humanitarian" aide workers, (who are really terrorists posing as humanitarian aide workers) tell Israeli ship, "Shut up. Go back to Auschwitz" and "We're helping Arabs going against he US, Don't forget 911 guys."

    Listen to the audio exchange...,7340,L-3899131,00.html

    These are the people with which you are aligned, but you are not anti-Semitic?

    "First comes Saturday then comes Sunday."

  12. In regards to the Flotilla of Muslims approaching Gaza, let it be known that Muslims have been known for deliberately using the cover of charitable aid to hide terrorist intent. It has been often discovered that under the cover of bringing medical aid and supplies, Muslims in Palestine have hidden weapons to encourage its people to commit acts of terrorism against Israelis, both Jew and Arab alike. Israel has never denied giving needed medical attention to victims as a result of casualties, but naturally needs to search any ambulance van passing through due to such known behaviour. In fact, Israel has even given medical treatment to her opponents, despite hostilities. Contrast this to how the Muslims would treat their opponents, let alone their "allies", in time of casualty and desperation. These Muslims should consider themselves lucky that they are not dealing with China. If it was China, not one person in that flotilla would be alive. Shame on a number of Orthodox, especially on the side of Palestine, who wish to have the Stockholm Syndrome and play the dhimmitude status game, and blame Israel for all her ills, which most of it was inflicted by Islamists in the beginning. Do we never learn from history, that appeasement of Islam and her followers never results in our benefit but always to our detriment? Why do a number of our leaders, whether clergy or laity, wish to play this foolish dhimmitude game, when we are dealing with a devil-possessed religion that has a demoniac founder, and who in fact blasphemed the Holy Ghost by calling himself the fulfillment of John 14:26? The number of Saints and Martyrs in the Church during Islamic rule, whether Ottoman or under any one of the Caliphates in the Middle East, should be living lessons for us not to engage in either appeasement or ecumenism with such people.

    Keep up the good work.

    Yours in Christ,

    Timothy Kwoh

  13. Deb, I notice with your last two comments,(not posted) that you have failed to respond to my exposing your inconsistencies and my clearly refuting, with your own words, your assertion that you are not anti-Semitic. Instead you attempt to change the subject by offering more unrelated propaganda. It is not unlike what the Muslims do when they gang up to comment here. Instead of accepting the validity of proof given, they ignore it and change the subject. It is a dishonest method of communication which is in keeping with "anything goes if it goes against the Jews" mentality. By the way, your sister Helen Thomas says hello.

    Yes, I am not usually so cutting and hard on a person, but it is not often a commenter is at peace with supporting the annihilation of a people.

    I am all about disturbing that kind of peace.

  14. Anonymous1:02 AM

    Thanks for standing up on this issue. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.


  15. Deb said:
    "Israelis are and have been protesting their government's treatment of the Palestinian people in the Occupied Territories - Does this make them anti-semitic? Of course not. And when I protest the very same thing I am not anti-semitic either."

    Here is what Deb fails to delineate: When Israelis protest, it does not include the support of terrorists who lob thousands of missiles into their neighborhoods killing innocent men, women, and children of all nationalities and who send homicide bombers into crowded restaurants in their homeland.

    Deb, on the other hand, refuses to denounce Hamas or the armed Flotilla terrorists, and advocates the downfall of the Israeli government. The destruction of the Israeli government equals the annihilation of the Jewish people. To these terrorists, any conduct is justified and the ends justifies the means. But Deb continues to claim that her stance is not anti-Semitic.

    Deb has now resorted to the tactics of personal destruction used by those she supports, by having a friend contact the Orthodox diocese to which I belong. She has removed this from a discussion on a Blog by attempting to personally do me harm by attempting to isolate me from my own church. She then uses a quote from a priest to attempt to paint me as outside the norm of my own church.

    She quotes the priest as having said, "You are right that there are Palestinian Orthodox Christians and we support our suffering brothers", a statement with which I fully agree. What Deb does not mention is that we also have Israeli Orthodox Christians and we support these "suffering brothers" also. The Orthodox church does not officially advocate the downfall of the Israel government as she would infer. Deb's off the BLOG conduct is despicable. (I have refused to post her comment here which included the use of personal names and other information)

    Through this despicable conduct, Deb continues to try to move this dialogue from its original topic and put me on the defensive I refuse to bite.

    Let me remind the readers: over 100 terrorists on a fake peace flotilla, armed with knives, bats, metal pipes, and firearms attempted to break a naval blockade to Gaza. The Turkish boat was the only one of numerous on that day that refused to stop and be inspected. When Israeli soldiers, armed with paintball guns and side arms, were lowered one-by-one, they were met by armed mobs, brutally beaten, stabbed, shot at, and thrown overboard. When gunfire erupted the soldiers ask permission to defend themselves. Nine of the terrorists were killed and the boat was stopped.

    Deb supports the action of the mob. All is fair against the "evil Israelis" which include Jews and Arabs alike.

    But, Deb is not an anti-Semite, she is just pro-Palestinian? Deb, Israelis are Palestinian also. It is a region not a race! The Jews have just as much right to be there as the Arabs, who, by-the-way, are transplants from Syria and other Arabic nations. Interesting that the nations from which they originally came will not take them back. Speaks volumes doesn't it? One Word...Hamas..Okay two words...Hezbolla...

    "First comes Saturday, then comes Sunday." They hate the Jews and ANYONE who will not submit to Islam. They also hate Europeans because we are predominately Christian, and Deb supports that hate with her defense of the anti-Semite haters.

    ..but Deb would have us believe: "I am not an anti-Semite, I only support them on the Internet."

  16. pstrmike,
    Thanks for your words of support. The Orthodox church does not share the view that the political nation of Israel is a result of biblical, prophetic realization and that all of human history revolves around what happens there. This view is a distinctly modern, evangelical view and is usually accompanied by the false pre-trib Rapture doctrine, which we also reject.

    Evangelicals are often unwittingly, used as political and fundraising pawns by the Israeli government. Even so, support of Israel is important from several perspectives, including political and humanitarian, as they have a right to exist as a people and as a nation in the Holy Land.

    My object here is to cut through prejudice and propaganda that is usually stacked against the Jewish people and I believe that to lose the nation of Israel is to throw the Jewish people to the wolves. Jews reject Jesus as Messiah, but do not actively work to subjugate, dominate and annihilate Christians as do the Islamic terrorists and all of the Muslim world. Jews are just one step away from accepting Jesus as Messiah. Muslims do not even worship the same God.

    "Deb" can't seem to get beyond her narrow focus on the trumped up- self-inflicted "Palestinian crisis" to see that it is the Jewish people that are the second most consistently, oppressed people in the history of mankind. Christians still rank number one in martyrdom.

    It is unfortunate that Deb has chosen to side with the real oppressors. She would have been a great pacifist during the rise of the Third Reich.

  17. I just thought of a good way to describe the thinking of the likes of Deb as she and others support the enemies of Israel while saying "I am not anti-Semitic". It is like the old racist adage, "I don't hate black people. I think everyone should own one."

  18. You might want to know this: "On 5 June, the Israeli government's press division apologized for circulating a link to a video, titled "We Con the World", that mocked activists on board. The film was created by a current columnist for the Jerusalem Post. According to Caroline Glick, the Jerusalem Post columnist who initiated the creation of the satirical video, the video was produced for, an Israeli media satire Web site she edits." So the video is fake.

  19. Curt, Thanks for the info. I haven't read the info which you reference, but it seems good that the Israeli Government would let it be known that it deals in reality and not satire.

    I don't understand, however, how a satirical video can be called "fake", since, by its very nature, satire is not meant to be real. Obviously, it was not a real music video.


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