Friday, February 25, 2011

A Humble Act

When I was a teen, my father was the pastor of Temple Baptist Church in Santa Barbara, California. During one of the Baptist business meetings, the topic was whether or not to build a new building. One man, Roland Hudson, was opposed to it and, according to Roberts Rules of Order, was allowed to state his strong opposition. After much discussion, a vote was taken and the majority voted to build the building.

On the following Saturday, all the men of the church showed up with tools in hand, ready get to work. Roland Hudson also showed up with his tools, ready to work. "I thought you voted against building this building", a fellow church member said. "I did", said Roland, "but I lost." At that, the men, including Roland, all started to work.

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  1. Chip Bayer11:01 AM

    This may be my favorite post on your blog so far. I LOVE this man's example.


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