Friday, September 21, 2012

A Word To Rioting Muslims

With the recent stoning of Christian street preachers in Michigan by Islamists, and the spreading Islamic violence on our college campuses, it is time for this kind of speech. Sorry if you think it is are wrong. Truth is always righteous. Islam is anti-Christ and evil.


  1. Couldn't have said it better myself. The man is just stating the truth and that's not "un" anything. The whole purpose of Islam's strident and violent behavior is to get the rest of the world to shut up and "submit" to them.

    There's no common ground to work with in this situation. As the man in the video stated, we've done it their way for years - trying to be "sensitive and tolerant" but where's that gotten us? If we don't stop now, the West will eventually allow their way of life/culture to be snuffed out and we will have only ourselves to blame because we did not set boundaries, and hold them accountable for their intolerable acts.

  2. Although he makes a lot of good points,Pat Condell (The guy in the video) is an atheist and would probably be just as happy to outlaw Christianity, and any other religion.

  3. Okay. But truth is truth no matter the source. His was a political statement about an evil religion. Worth posting here.


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