Monday, January 21, 2013

Another Protestant Gets It Right

"When I was growing up I thought a 'good' Christian was someone who went to church three times a week and abstained from a bunch of 'bad' stuff. But I've learned since then that a 'true' Christian is nothing more than a broken, fallen person redeemed by Jesus Christ and committed to following Him. He/she follows Him at their own pace. Christ is patient in His instruction and guidance. But bit by bit He is turning them into someone more like Himself. That is what being a Christian is: It is following Him continually, through failures and triumphs. It is modeling one's self after the One they're following. And what did He do? He healed the sick, gave compassion to the hurting, spread hope to the downtrodden, criticized the religious elite (who were puffed up with their own self-righteousness), spoke the truth, walked by faith, and of course much more that can't be listed here. That is what a Christian 'does' and if church attendance and abstaining from 'bad' stuff doesn't help one to do those things then they are pointless." RH

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