Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Has God Ever Spoken Directly To You? Part One -Updated

Just days after posting the JTO poll, "Has God Ever Spoken Directly To You?", The, a political news website, posed the same question to it's readers, "Has God ever spoken to you directly?". Could The Blaze editors be reading JTO? In any case, It seems timely to allow JTO readers to comment further than a click on a poll.

After voting in the Poll on the right column, go to the Comment section below and voice your opinion and experience. 

Has God Ever Spoken Directly To You?

UPDATE: The poll to the right show signs of being swarmed by Intergnats. These Intergnats apparently are voting more than once to attempt to prove their point. Such multiple voting is not honest, is evidence of the insecurity of their position, and only skews what is already an unscientific poll. To assure that the poll is balanced, please take time to click on the comment section and share your view and experience.

Part two:


  1. While God has never spoken to me directly he has allowed me to see and experience a few extraordinary things in my life, a couple of which I understand the reason for but one thing in particular I'm waiting to understand the reason. And my answer to the poll was "No, but God does speak directly."

  2. This isn't as easy a question to answer as it seems. What do we mean by "speak." In the Bible,as with many other religious and mystic traditions,there are passages about God's voice and how God speaks to his seekers. Sometimes it's through visions,sometimes through signs, and sometimes there are sounds that don't necessarily narrate anything as to be called "speech" but rather convey a message,subtly declaring to the seeker of God that "I am here."

    I answered with No but God does speak directly.

    I'm also not a Christian but a Sikh of white European ancestry ,and came across your blog after listening to Russian orthodox chants,noticing a similarity in aesthetics between Sikhs and members of your Church. Most notably the long hair was something that struck me. I searched 'long hair orthodox' and came across your blog and am now hoping to stop by to read your updates.

    Be well.

  3. Jassi, Welcome to JTO. You have spoken accurately of the orthodox view of ways one might hear God's voice.

    Also, I have written about the length of beards but the uncut hair is also an orthodox piety. At least one Apostle and several saints never cut their hair. I have not cut mine since I discovered this piety in 2008. Please feel free to share the reasons for the Sikh piety and how it may be similar to the orthodox Christian piety.


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