Thursday, January 24, 2013

Words Every Orthodox Blogger Should Recite Once A Day and With Vigor

1. I am not important because I blog.
2. I am not respected because I blog.
3. Fewer people care what I have to say than I might think.
4. The hope of the world does not rest on my posts.
5. God can get along just fine without me.
6. I am not more spiritual because I blog.
7. Blogging is not my life.
8. My sense of entitlement is a figment of my imagination.
9. My words can hurt individuals.
10. My words can hurt families.
11. My words can hurt churches.
12. My words can cause divisiveness.
13. I can find better ways to bring meaning to the world.
14. I am not in competition with other bloggers.
15. My relationships with other bloggers is pseudo, at best.
16. I can quit blogging at anytime.
17. I think I can quit blogging at anytime.
18. Maybe I can quit blogging at anytime.
19. I'm not sure I can quit blogging.
20. I might be hooked on blogging.
21. I am going to seek help.
22. I am going to google "boggers anonymous".
23. Maybe there is a support group at church for me.
24. No, I have already alienated all of them.
25. Perhaps I should just keep blogging.
26. Yes, it's good for me, really, kind of.
27. Oh. It's 12:30 a.m. and I am still blogging.
28. I don't think I will post this.
29. Orthodox people have no sense of humor and are so damn literal, so this post will put me in a bad light.
30. Out of all my words here, the word "damn" will be the most provocative.
31. WWJB: What would Jesus Blog if I gave him my password?
32. Does Jesus already have my password?
33. Perhaps Jesus is my password.
34. I think I will post this.

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