Monday, May 06, 2013

Orthodox Boy In His First Motion Picture

Here is an opportunity to support Orthodox Filmmakers and Actors. This young man is from a faithful Orthodox family in the Southern United States. Full disclosure--He is Nathan James Sharp and my grandson! The project is a short film, produced and written by one of my former acting students, Sean Harrison Jones, who came to me at the age of nine. Now working in Hollywood, Sean searched high and low for the right boy to play Lawrence, and chose Nathan. In the film, the idealistic and innocent Lawrence hatches a scheme to reenact the day his parents met as children. His hope is that in doing so, he might save their failing marriage. It is a moving and heartwarming story, that encourages all to look at their own relational issues and how our choices effect those around us.

Through the wonderful internet tool called Indiegogo, which assists Independent Films such as Gumball, you may now easily donate to the project. The budget is a small $12,000. You may give as little or as much as you like and choose what "perk" you want in return. After watching Nathan's video appeal below, go the Indiegogo Link and you can read and see more about it.

God bless you for your support of this Orthodox brother!

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