Sunday, April 13, 2014

A New Catechumen

Congrats to my daughter April, who became a catechumen in the Orthodox Church today. April, and her husband Greg, faithfully serve the Lord and teach their children to do the same. Greg is a Sergeant and a Mission Chief in the United States Air Force. April completed her nursing degree and is expecting their third child in May.



  1. Dear Mr. Lewis,

    I pray that you will have a most Blessed Pascha. I am a retired Greek Orthodox priest of the USA and I continue to serve at a beautiful Greek Orthodox Chapel on the Campus of the University of Connecticut. I enjoyed reading about your journey to the Orthodox Church. I am truly sorry that you have taken such a dogmatic approach to Holy Orthodoxy for the Church and Its saving message is a journey of the heart. The people who make up the Church are not perfect for we are sinful but the Church remains Holy. No matter what jurisdiction of the Orthodox Church you belong to you will receive saving Grace. +Fr. Constantine (Charles) J. Simones.

    1. Could you be more specific? This is a broad stroke indictment. Where do you draw the line? Are Catholics and Orthodox the same? Is the grace equal? How about the myriad of Protestants? Are their sacraments valid? Seems dogma is not a bad word when faced with these questions. There is only ONE FAITH and ONE TRUTH. Again where do YOU draw the line? Are all paths equal roads to heaven? Yes Orthodoxy is a matter of the heart- but faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. The Church is Still THE PILLAR AND FOUNDATION OF ALL TRUTH. The question that follows, then, is where is THE Church and are you in it?

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