Tuesday, April 28, 2015

30 Traits of a Jezebel

1. Refuses to admit guilt or wrong
2. Takes credit for everything
3. Uses people to accomplish its agenda
4. Withholds information
5. Talks in confusion
6. Volunteers for anything
7. Lies
8. Ignores people
9. Never gives credit or shows gratitude
10. Criticizes everyone
11. Oneupmanship
12. Sequesters information
13. Uses information
14. Talks incessantly
15. Spiritualizes everything
16. Is insubordinate
17. Is pushy and domineering
18. Is clairvoyant
19. Uses the element of surprise
20. Sows seeds of discord
21. Commands attention
22. Is vengeful
23. Attempts to make you look like you’re the Jezebel
24. Insinuates disapproval
25. Knows it all
26. Is ambitious
27. Gift giving
28. Is independent
29. Is religious
30. Hides

For a complete explantion of the list, see 30 Consistant Traits of the Jezebel Spirit

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  1. Steps to rid the body of a Jezebel Spirit?


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