Saturday, September 09, 2006

Drive-By-Bloggers or DBBs


"Well good for you! So glad you've found yet another true way to worship. So long as you don't expect everyone else on the planet to bow in sync with your bow, more power to you. Not everyone is willing to give up the way they worship, the way that's right for them, because it's not right to you. Your truth is not everyones truth, and with so much left before you're fully integrated into the orthodox faith can you truly be giving advice, and telling people in such an open forum that this is the right, the truth, and the only way to go. Lets just say this has been hashed and rehashed in your lifetime and its to your discredidation." ANONYMOUS

As you might understand, due to the public nature of this BLOG, I, upon occasion, receive several negative Comments. Anyone who has made the Journey To Orthodoxy has dealt in some measure with rejection and personal attacks. This is especially true of those who make the drastic shift from some form of Protestantism. I hesitate to post negative Comments like the one here, especially when they are Anonymous. The motives of the author are always in question. I call them drive-by-bloggers or DBBs. They want to shoot at you and run without sticking around. They aren't even sure if their bullet hit the target. It seems to do them good, somehow, just to pull the trigger. One of the most significant differences between me and this DBB is the fact that I put my name on my public forum and take responsibility for what I say. I also am under the authority of my priest who has visited my BLOG and because of my submission to him, he would be given the power of edit if he so chose. In fact, I recently submitted to him a BLOG article that I am withholding from posting at his recommendation until I can gather more information on the topic. So, the DBB does raise at least one valid question concerning my authority to BLOG. Unfortunately it is difficult to appreciate the validity of DBB's Comment due to the noise of DBB's whizzing bullets. But I'll try.

DBB, You are right to point out that I have "found yet another true way to worship". By that I understand that you have knowledge
that, in my Journey To Orthodoxy, I have been passionate about truth and worshipping the Lord relative to the knowledge that I had, and that I shared, taught, and expressed, according to that knowledge, and that sometimes that knowledge was wrong. So, your inference would be correct if you are suggesting that once I believed that and now I believe this. Isn't that the way of a Journey, especially one so deep as the pursuit of God? Do you not come upon paths that you didn't know existed, only to discover that the path you were on, that seemed to be the way, was not even near the main road? I understand how, in observing my path-finding toward the main road of Orthodoxy, I might have appeared to be meandering. My own Protestant Father referred to my Journey as the "Religion of the Month Club." But, if one reaches the destination,the main road, can't one's willingness to meander be given a measure of credit for the outcome?

DBB, You are right to acknowledge that I have taught others to "bow" in certains ways that seemed right at the time. It is also true that I carried a "bow" and my quiver was full of arrows with my own monogram. I must confess that I sincerely, but presumptuously, used my bow to pierce the hearts of others with what I believed to be the truth. I sincerely, but at times arrogantly, thought myself a warrior for God. I was wrong. God's arrows are sufficient and his bow is far superior to mine. Since you visit my BLOG, I would hope you would read my articles on Truth and Authority. If you do, you may understand that one of my most significant paradigm shifts is the fact that I no longer hold as a right, my own opinion on anything. My BLOG is not an advice column and it is certainly not a place to express my own opinion on what truth is. Truth has already been established by the Fathers of the Faith. I am sharing the existing truth I have discovered not the new truth I have created. So you are on target on this one. My "truth is not everyone's truth", unless the truth I espouse is that which has been handed down by the Apostles. There is only ONE truth.

DBB, In my article to my daughters I express the fact that they can bring up any number of wrongs I have committed and they will probably all be true. You may be able to do the same. I am a sinner saved by grace, but I am a sinner in a continuing process of repentance. "Hashing and rehashing" is a good thing. It would behoove anyone to spend a "lifetime" doing so. To cease to hash would be to my "discreditation." Fortunately, and by the grace of God, my most confusing hashing days ended in April 2006 when I was Chrismated into the One Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church. It was there (See my 50 Year Journey article), that one of my new brothers in the faith said these words, "Welcome Home." My entire hashing Journey has been about finding the Faith of Our Fathers. Everyone who makes it to their moment of Chrismation in the Orthodox Church says the same thing, "There is no place to go after this. There is no other destination." Part of the Orthodox Liturgy contains this prayer which we pray every week, 

"We have seen the true light. We have received the heavenly Spirit. We have found the true faith. Worshipping the undivided Trinity, for he has saved us."
Now, I can, in my admittedly feeble way, spend my next 50 years learning what the Church has taught about light, truth, and worship, for 2000 years.

Finally DBB, The familiarity of your Comment and the fact that you desired to remain Anonymous, suggests you might personally know me and that at sometime along my journey I offended you. If this is the case, I am compelled of heart to ask you to forgive me a sinner and to not hold to my account the wrongs I may have done to you. I also ask that you allow me to make recompense to you personally. Will you put down your weapon DBB and sup with me? May the grace of our Lord be upon you and your family.

"Lord, Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner."


  1. As you are trying to listen in spite of the "whizzing bullets" understand that they were not shot intentionally...

  2. Thank you for your kindness DBB. Now that our weapons have been lowered, perhaps we can discuss the faith? What part of the Orthodox/Charismatic article troubled you?

  3. Dave C.4:19 PM

    Hm�..discreditation. It�s not an English word. Maybe it�s �gangsta rap.� That fits nicely with the drive-by bloggers analogy.

    The wonderful thing about blogs is that anyone who works and plays in cyberspace has the choice to visit or not visit any given site. Since readers have to opt in to your site, they can�t very well say you, or anybody for that matter, is imposing a belief by telling a personal story. That kind of reasoning is the territory of the LLB or ludicrous logic blogger. I�ve read much of the information and don�t remember a hand grabbing me by the collar, pulling me close to the monitor, and making me read anything. I really don�t ever remember you telling me that your truth is my truth. I really think the person is an SAS or sad, angry, soul. Nothing that the person put in their entry actually needed to be said. It certainly didn�t pass the �is it true, is it necessary, is it kind� test.

    I follow a different spiritual path, but I find your entries thought provoking; with much that a spiritual seeker might want to hear, and much that is of general interest to those who want a well rounded understanding of various paths as well. The personal account is of particular value. It shows a step-by-step account of how a soul nurtured a spiritual need. Possibly more important than the destination, it shows the process and the considerations that most people face, and ultimately have to come to terms with in order to establish their individual understanding of God, and their place in creation. You do this with eloquence.

    There is a severe karmic debt incurred by intruding on another�s psychic or spiritual space. Simply making experiences available for those who have the need to validate their own doubts, reflections, journeys, and victories involves no such intrusion.

    I�m still hoping to hear a little bit about dispensationalism and the orthodox view.


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