Friday, December 29, 2006

AUTISM-There Is Nothing Orthodox About It-UPDATED

UPDATED: 10/15/13--Statistics say that if you are reading this you either have an autistic relative or you know someone who does. The current stats say that if you give birth to a child today there is a 1 in 166 chance they will have some form of autism. It is a curious and mysterious disease with apparently many different causes. In that sense there is nothing orthodox about it. In another sense, as an Orthodox Christian, I cannot ignore my responsibility to bring healing and help to those who suffer in this world. It is for that divine reason I believe I have been given an opportunity to be a beacon of hope and support for the millions of families across the world who are effected by this epidemic. If you have looked at my profile, you may have noticed that I am a film producer. A little deeper look and you may have discovered the name of my film company is Kingdom Films, Rocky Top Pictures, LLC.


I ask all my BLOG participants and visitors to pray for KFI's RTP's current feature film project called Jason's Run. The feature film intended for theatrical release is in pre-development. We are making great strides in getting the film financed (20 million). With the inclusion of three producers, four consultants, the Autism Society of America, and the Autism Treatment Center in Dallas, TX., our support base is growing. We will make our first Offering to Investors in Dallas in February.

I also want to invite you to read more about the project on the KFI website and contact us. Although this offer may close very soon, Jason's Run still has an opportunity for Seed Investor/s to enter on the KFI RTP company side ($500,000) If you feel this project may be something you want to invest in, let KFI RTP send you our information packet.

God Bless you and above all PRAY for Jason's Run and for those who deal with the effects of Autism everyday.


  1. Good luck with this Nathan!

  2. Thanks Adam. Say a prayer or two and send money!

  3. Thanks, I have autism, dyslexia and ADHD, should I take ADHD meds ?, my family is forcing me, but I took them many times and they only make everything worse and it becomes very hard to breath and I can't sleep at night, It is so hard for me to study I tried with all my strength but I barely studied 10 pages for my biology exam, not studied but read a 10 pages actually

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  5. Adi, I would not presume to give you advise on your meds, Especially since I don't know what age you are or if you live with your parents or are independent of them. I do have opinions about ADHD meds. I do know there is a bright future for you. Challenges build character.


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