Friday, June 29, 2007

Father John Denzil

On Sunday, June 24th, in a morning liturgy, Denzil Roland was led violently by the arm and given the sacrament of Holy Orders. He was dragged to and fro as a symbol of the grasp of God on his life. On this day he completed his journey to his priestly calling in the One Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church. On this day the former Father Denny became Father John Denzil. He is now an Orthodox Priest joining the long line of those who have thus served for 2000 years. He is in the Church. He is home. His Grace Bishop Antoun saw in this former Charismatic Episcopal priest what those of us who are closest to him have always seen- A man of faith. A servant with integrity and loyalty. Father John Denzil will always be a priest. He will live as a priest and he will die as a priest. I count it an honor to have known him then, to know him now, to know him always in the eternity of the Kingdom.

Axios, Father John Denzil.
"You are worthy"!

Visit Father John Denzil at Saints Peter and Paul Antiochian Orthodox Christian Mission, Western Rite, in Hot Springs, Arkansas

UPDATE: 5/24/14 Denzil Roland is no longer an active priest and the Mission has been closed.


  1. Anonymous10:25 AM

    MANY YEARS Fr. John!
    It is such a blessing that the Orthodox Western Rite is blossoming and bearing fruit.
    Although I myself am not a part of the WR I have been aware and supportive of it since I first read about its existence back inthe 1960's from reading Timothy Ware's book, THE ORTHODOX CHURCH.
    Of course I prefer the Liturgy of St. Gregory and I imagine the former CEC
    groups opt for the more familiar St. Tikhon Liturgy. It's all good, though!
    You and your mission are in my prayers and may you grow in numbers and the Faith.
    Matthew the Curmudgeon

  2. AXIOS! May God grant him many years!


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