Saturday, November 03, 2007

"Solid Locked To Fight"- A Letter From A Soldier

Number four in a series of letters from SGT Daniel Nuoffer

Dear Mr. Lewis

Well another mission comes to an end; our team has really come together and we all know our place with out a second thought, smooth and fast. On the road we know where each truck goes and what to do if there is a problem, I am proud of my soldiers it has been hard to deal with some of the tasked that we have to do, but, they have pulled through and made it happen. I have had some issues back home as always they weigh heavy on your heart especially when you are 10,000 miles away and can't fix the problem first hand; but I am holding it together trying to keep a level head. All I can do is listen when I hear about the problems back home, however right now I have to close off my mind to what is going on in the rear and focuses on the mission and the well being of my soldiers. It seems however that everyday that I don't deal with the problem they get that much bigger. I ask for your prayers.

I'm sitting on my truck reflecting on the mission that we have just completed, I think of all that we do to prepare for an enemy's attack.
At my disposal I have three small arms, a heavy machine gun, and a 40 mm grenade launcher all to combat anything the enemy throws at me. Countless hours of training and practice to make sure I am ready for anything. My personal gear consists of a heavy frag vest, a combat helmet, my nomex gloves and my personal 9mm side arm. In my truck I have a radio to call for help and a computer that tells me where all my friends are; as well as two combat life saver bags and a casualty extraction and litter kit. I am solid locked to fight against the enemy.

As we roll out the gate I make a final check of each one of my guys to make sure they have their gear and that it is put on the right way; everyone needs to be on the same sheet of music, and what the mission will require them to have, in that way we can do our job as a team.
It is important to have this equipment ready and serviceable, because when we roll out of a FOB it is game time, the time for pre-preparation is over.

As Christians we need to do kinda the same thing. I have watched people come into a church chewed up by the enemy; shocked and shaken thinking how could this happen to them. But on the same hand I watch them walk right back out the door of the FOB or Church, half cocked and untrained. They have their weapon all jacked up, no ammo, no vest or if they do it¢s slung over one shoulder, the enemy beats the crap out of them before they make it to the first stop light. My words can be confusing at times because I have a military frame of mind, I read in Ephesians 6:11 and it says put on the full armor of God. I agree and I say not only put on the armor, but know how to use it as well. Don't roll out the gate ready to fight with your helmet on backwards and your gun jacked up. Make sure when you set foot on the battle field you are ready for a fight. Help others, band together, and make a united front against the enemy. Walking out that gate with no weapon and no armor is a quick way to get sent home in a box.

I love all of you. Thank you for you prayers and your love. God bless you all and I hope to see you when I come home. Please keep my soldiers in your prayers it keeps us safe and in his hand.
Sgt Nuoffer

Note: Sgt Daniel Nuoffer is on his second tour in Iraq. His duty is to command the lead gunnery vehicle that guides our troops in convoy down treacherous roads from Kuwait into Bagdad. He will be gone for 15 months. His new wife awaits his safe return as do we all. Send him your love and support. You may e-mail him at

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