Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Brighten up! Lighten Up! Enjoy Life!

(10) You are still in church more than ten minutes after the priest says, "Let us depart in peace."
(9) You forget to change your clock in the spring at Daylight Savings Time, show up an hour late, but the
service is still going on....
(8) ...but there are people in your community who still can't get to church on time when the clock gets
 set _back_ an hour in the fall.
(7) You consider an hour long church service to be "short."
(6) You buy chocolate bunnies on sale (after Western Easter).
(5) When someone says, "Let us pray..." you reflexively stand up.
(4) You went to church four or more times in a week.
(3) Your priest is married...
(2) ...and your vocabulary includes at least three words that describe the wife of a priest.
And the number one sign you might be Orthodox is...
(1) You say a prayer before you pray!

More Signs ...You're Orthodox
  • You have varicose veins by the time you're twenty
  • You don't blink when water is thrown at you
  • A greasy forehead doesn't bother you
  • You are a wine connoisseur
  • You have a library of vegetarian cook books
  • You are 60 and can still bend over and touch the floor
  • You are a female under 30, yet you have a collection of head scarfs
  • You are a male under 20 that has a pair of leather shoes
  • You tend to buy shoes for comfort, not style
  • You can name a brand of chocolate that doesn't have milk or animal fats in it
  • You have Ancient Echoes in your CD collection
  • You think palms and pussy willows are the same thing
  • You know how to remove wax from clothing
[From Church Humor ]

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