Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Does "Christian Music" Have A Soul?

I was shopping with one of my five daughters today. While in the car she put in one of her CD's proclaiming it to be a "Christian Rock Band". I told her there was no such thing as a Christian Rock Band.

"Does a Rock Band have a soul? Does it die and go to heaven? There are Christians who are in a band, but that does not make what they do Christian."

I spent many years as a worship leader. In the Evangelical Charismatic world, that entails leading a band with all the frills, musicians, singers, songwriters, rehearsals, sets, audiences, recordings and the like. It is quite a world and there is money to be made. Living in Nashville, I have had a chance to see the spent lives of various Christan artist/entertainers who couldn't quite make it in the business. I also see the successful artists around town in the restaurants and such. The Christian music and the country music world go hand in hand here. There is no difference. People are people. There may be music artists who are Christians but being a musician does not make you a Christian no matter what kind of music you perform. It especially does not qualify anyone to be idolized. Be careful whom you idolize, look up to or put on a pedestal, lest your faith be dashed when you see the real essence of their character.

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