Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Pray For President-Elect Barack Obama

I invite all JTO readers to pray for President-Elect Barack Obama as he leads the United States in this most difficult time in our history. I echo President-Elect Obama's words to those who did not support him during the election. He will be the president of all Americans. Choose prayer rather than criticism and allow our sovereign God to work his will and way in this nation. Prophesy if you must and criticize if it is warranted, but remember, the Kingdom of God will prevail and all nations and leaders will one day bow before the throne of God. God is still in control and Christ will come again.


  1. A MEN, my brother!!! Right on!

  2. Well, I will since we pray for the President in the JC DL. But as a great president said, "Trust but verify."


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