Monday, December 22, 2008

A Good Example

At this season of giving, there is a good example to follow. If your church is anything like Saint Ignatius in Franklin, Tennessee, USA, there are those among your body who have lost their jobs and are in financial need. Saint Ignatius has a tradition of preparing food baskets for those in the community who are in particular need. This season many of our own parishioners have lost their jobs, their income, their livelihood, including one of our own priests who was laid off from his job of 25 years. As Saint Ignatius prepared their baskets they made sure that those among their local body who had such needs were given baskets as well. This is a good example for all Orthodox believers to follow.

"Having been joined to Christ and His Church, these baptized believers begin living as the body of Christ. We find them looking after each other, using their personal resources for the care of each other, continuing together in prayer and in the Eucharist (Acts 2:42-47)." (The Orthodox Study Bible-Thomas Nelson Publishers, Notes page 444)

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