Thursday, December 18, 2008

A New World View

For many years his map has been presented to us as being accurate. From our youth we accepted its dimensions as being accurate. Why not? Most of those around us did as well. There was no question that this map was the accurate map of the world, We knew where the countries were, how they were shaped and their relative distance from each other and from each pole.

Now we are discovering that what we have been told for so long is not as accurate as we thought. Scientists, mathematicians and map makers have devised what is know as "equal area" maps which depict a much more accurate perspective of our planet. Look at the much larger size of Africa and the much smaller dimensions of Alaska. Australia is even larger compared to the USA.

It helps to step back and review our perspective occasionally. Our view may be skewed. Take a look at the early church by reading the Early Church Fathers. See if what they taught and how they worshiped looks anything like what you are calling church. Such an evaluation may change your world view.


  1. What a great comparison! I have marveled this year at the variety of perspectives in maps as I was looking to purchase a giant wall map (one of those 12 foot wallpaper ones) and really was taken aback by the various looks depending on the style projection. It was quite eye opening, as we often see things we thought were so certain changing with technology (the decision to "de-frock" Pluto as a planet comes to mind also). It is nice to know, that while many things around us change, Christ and His church are the unchanging stability in life.

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  3. I m glad you "got this" post. Yes, "Christ and His church are the unchanging stability in life", however our concepts of Christ and his Church may need to change if they are not based on the original Orthodox faith. There n lies the challenge. "She who must be obeyed" is an interesting post name with some obvious background. What's the story?

  4. Not a great story really, I must admit I am not creative when it comes to monikers. For as long as I can remember, the running joke in my house was that my dad loved to refer to my mom as "she who must be obeyed" (in a rather sarcastic tone, of course :), and then later, my sister received the name from those who knew her and her "demure" personality. With four kids to keep in line, I figured I needed a name with some authority, and that is what came to mind :) It also usually peaks peoples curiosity enough that they decide they just have to check out my blog :) (I am not above shameless promoting!) Enjoy reading your blog - and I hope things are doing well after your carbon monoxide scare.


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