Sunday, January 04, 2009

Airman Sharp

Congratulation to Gregory Sharp, now Airman Sharp, for successfully completing boot camp in the United States Air Force. Greg will now go on to nine weeks of Training School where he will serve as an Aerospace Propulsion Apprentice.

Greg is my son-in law having married our second daughter about six years ago. He was chrismated last year into the Orthodox Church by Father John Denny of Saints Peter and Paul Orthodox Mission (WR) in Hot Springs Arkansas.

Please pray for Gregory as he is away from his wife and two young children during this time. Pray for our daughter, April, and the two children that they will prosper and be at peace in his absence. The United States Military men and women are still sorely underpaid for what they do. It is difficult to see the spouses and children of those who serve struggle financially while their dads and moms lay their lives on the line. Are you listening, President-Elect Obama? Are you listening, Democratic Controlled House and Senate?

Pray for all those who serve in the military of all nations around the world defending their freedoms from those who would dominate and oppress.


  1. My brother served during Republican controlled Congress and White House--and was on food stamps.

    I guess it is not a partisan issue afterall.

    Hopefully many areas of social injustice will be corrected in the years to come.

    Mike in Saint Louis

  2. I share your hope.


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