Sunday, February 01, 2009

Missile Fire Increasing-"Metropolitan Philip-Time To Speak Out"

Your Eminence,
Just as the Israeli army withdraws from Gaza and agrees to an unofficial cease fire, the Arab Palestinian Islamic radicals continue to fire rockets indiscriminately into Israeli territory. To show that you are not just a political ethnic pundit and that you care also about Israeli Christians and innocent children, I challenge you to condemn these actions as strongly as you have condemned the Israeli forces. Tell your Arab brothers to stop the missiles, for surely you agree that the Orthodox Church is neither Greek nor Jew nor male nor female...nor Israeli nor Palestinian.
 "JERUSALEM – Israel's prime minister threatened "harsh and disproportionate" retaliation after Gaza militants fired at least 10 rockets and mortar shells into southern Israel on Sunday, wounding three and raising the risk of fresh violence days ahead of elections.
 Israel hit back late Sunday, bombing the Egypt-Gaza border area where Hamas smuggles in weapons through tunnels, Palestinians said. No casualties were reported.
 Since an unwritten truce ended Israel's offensive in Gaza two weeks ago, rocket and mortar fire from the Palestinian territory has increased steadily. Israeli retaliation, including brief ground incursions and bombing runs aimed at rocket launchers and smuggling tunnels, is intensifying." From Associated Press

Which is the Arab child and which is the Jewish child?

Is one more valuable than the other?

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