Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Comment From "An Antiochian Who Wears Black"

A JTO reader sent me the link below which has an apparently authentic first hand assessment of the recent Bishop demotion from "an Antiochian who wears black" (AWWB). The assumption is that this AWWB is a deacon or a priest. Since the Metropolitan is still continuing his crypticism, such information from the ranks of the clergy is helpful. I received a harsh comment from a JTO reader (which I didn't post because of reader's slang usage of the word "God") presumably relating my posts concerning the Metropolitan's actions as that of a Baptist deacon talking to his pastor. While I must apologize to good Baptist deacons everywhere, I must also remind the reader and others that the submission we have to those who "rule over us" does not include the idea that the Laity are to shut up, chill out and not ask questions. All need to be reminded that the Laity are the Fourth Order Of The Priesthood, and that Orthodoxy is not Papist but ordered by consensus. When one man, one church, one emperor strays from the canons, doctrines or scriptures, all righteous everywhere must speak. To the accusing reader: Anthanasius was a deacon when he grabbed the reigns of the emperor's horse.

Click Here to read the AWWB's comments.

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