Monday, March 23, 2009

A Frog In Boiling Water

(From Orthodox Prophets)

Now, being in the bosom of the Church, I am discovering things from this vantage that perplex me. The state of the Church as a whole, the apostasy from Dogma, Canons and Scripture coming from the hierarchy of most major Orthodox jurisdictions is alarming and can send one into despair. When one becomes convinced that it is happening it is not difficult to admire groups like ROAC who tenaciously adhered to that which was handed down. They fight Ecumenism and Sergianism and are being persecuted, tortured, physically attacked by the state-created, state-owned Moscow Patriarchate with which they refused to commune while all of the members of SCOBA participate by their silence. Groups like ROAC have been called "schismatic". Is it accurate to consider the smaller group the schismatics if it is the larger group that is apostatizing? ROCOR is the group that went against their 60-80 year condemnation and anathema of the Moscow Patriarchate as heretical, to join with them, selling their birthright for a mess of pottage. ROAC, groups like them and the ROCOR in Russian refused to...and they are accused of being schismatic. Why? Because they will not submit to the Moscow Patriarchate who was established by Joseph Stalin, still is controlled and infiltrated by former KGB, was responsible for the genocide of millions of our Orthodox Brothers and is led now by a multi-billionaire "Patriarch" who amassed his great wealth by cooperation with an atheistic state by the import of alcohol and tobacco? Once one does research on the history of the Moscow Patriarchate, it becomes clear as to whom has broken from true Orthodoxy. It is certainly not the faithful Bishops of ROAC and others in Russia and abroad who are having their lives, lands, churches, stripped from them by violence at the hands of the apostate church. These discoveries in my Journey To Orthodoxy cause me to question my own communion with any part of the church who communes or endorses such.

I have also been perplexed to find the level of compromise and apostasy from the patriarchs as they continue to create a World Orthodox Church by melding it into the World Council of Churches (WCC) reshaping the Orthodox Church to conform with the world's view of spiritual harmony.
Also alarming is the level of collusion on the part of local priests who remain in league with such heretical hierarchs and do not warn their parishioners.

"Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and he were drowned in the depth of the sea. Woe to the world for offenses! For offenses must come, but woe to that man by whom the offense comes!"

What of the sincere parishioners who have no knowledge of where their apostate hierarchs and priests are leading them? One has likened it to a frog in a pot of water on a stove. As the water heats up, the frog will simply adjust to the temperature until he is boiled to death. We are not frogs and Christ's exhortation to follow truth and to abhor heresy and apostasy should cause us to jump out of the pot as soon as we see the flame.

" Now the Spirit expressly says that in latter times some will depart from the faith, giving heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons, speaking lies in hypocrisy, having their own consciences seared with a hot iron."

Here is evidence that the flame is nearing the boiling point and the iron is heating up:
Take the quiz: WHO SAID...
It is "the fundamental ecclesiological truth" that Orthodoxy and Papism "constitute the two lungs of the Body of Christ"
2. "Our Churches are recognized mutually as Sister Churches, responsible together for the preservation of the One Church of Go
d...We exhort our faithful. Catholic and Orthodox to strengthen the spirit of brotherhood, which derives from a single Baptism and participation in the sacramental life."
3. "We do not hold that exclusivity means judgment or exclusion. The idea that membership in a visible Church organization is requisite for membership in heaven is based on a false paradigm--that we somehow parallel the kingdom of God in this world. The kingdom is not an exterior reality, rather it is interior, at least until the end of time. "
4. "
We remind all that every form of proselytism... is absolutely condemned by the Orth
odox. Proselytism, practiced in nations already Christian, and in many cases even Orthodox,...poisons the relations among Christians and destroys the road to their unity. "
5. "[W]e now
clearly realize and understand that our two families [Orthodox and Monophysites] have always loyally guarded the same and authentic Christological Orthodox faith, and have maintained uninterrupted the apostolic tradition although they may have used the Christological terms in a different manner. It is that common faith and that continual loyalty to the apostolic tradition which must be the basis of our unity and communion... The two families accept that all the anathemas and the condemnations of the past which kept us divided must be lifted by the Churches so that the last obstacle to full unity and communion of our two families can be removed by the grace and the power of God. The two families accept that the lifting of the anathemas and the condemnations will be based on the fact that the Councils and the fathers previously anathematized or condemned were not heretics...."
6. "We respe
ct an individual's choice with regard to his or her faith, and we do not proselytize anyone, nor do we participate in dialogues between Christians and our brother Muslims in order to convince them to accept our own faith."
7. "If the diverse peoples of a culture look to the memories of their faith traditions, whatever they may be, they will be sustained,
they will be fed the food of God's spiritual knowledge...Orthodox Christian and modernist, Protestant and modernist, Jew and modernist, Catholic and modernist: however we worship, as long as we abide in our faith and unite it to our works in the world, we bring the living and always timely message of Divine Wisdom into the modern world."
8. (To Zoroastrians, Hindus, etc.) "
We are united in the spirit [sic] of the one God, 'Creator of all things, visible and invisibl
e' ... we are convinced that there is more that unites the community of man, than divides us ".
9. "
ers and sisters, the watchword of the Holy Orthodox Church today is unity. We are learning unity within our own house; we must pursue unity with all the children of God... Roman Catholics and Orthodox, Protestants and Jews, Muslims and Hindus, Buddhists and Confucians: the time has come not only for rapprochement, but also for an alliance and joint effort... We have within our grasp the vision of the Psalmist: "Behold, how good and how pleasing it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!" We pledge to you today that the Orthodox Christian Church will do everything in her power to fulfill that vision. "
10. "
The Orthodox Church does not seek to convince others of any one particular understanding of truth or revelation, nor does it seek to convert others to a particular mode of thinking...Whenever human beings react to the perspectives and beliefs of others on the basi
s of fear and self-righteousness, they violate the God-given right and freedom of others to come to know God and one another in the manner inherent to their identity as peoples...Such xenophobic tendencies are chiefly the result of being out of communion with God...When human beings are in communion with God, who Himself is the very essence of inexhaustible love, xenophobia-- fear of the other--is not possible since human beings do not see each other as strangers, but rather as brothers and sisters in communion with the loving Lord. "

Who said
these things?


Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew of the Eastern Orthodox Church said all of these things
in various speeches and in his leadership role in the World Council of Churches * (WCC). His predecessor Patriarch of Constantinople even said this:
"We are deceived and we sin, if we think that the
Orthodox faith came down from Heaven and that all [other] creeds are unworthy. Three hundred million people have chosen Islam in order to reach their god, and other hundreds of millions are Protestants, Catholics, and Buddhists. The goal of every religion is to improve mankind."

What did Jesus mean when He said,

"I am THE way, THE Truth and THE Life, and no man
to the Father except He comes by Me."?

According to the Patriarch and the WCC, Jesus said,

"I am A way, A truth and A life and everyone can
come to the Father through me and a few other directions."

What did Jesus mean when he said,

"All authority has been given to ME in heaven and on Earth. Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you..."?

According to the Patriarch and the WCC, Jesus said,

"Quite a bit of authority has been give to me so go and be in loving communion with other religions being careful not to proselyte them to me for their way is just as good as any, after all we don't want to offend."

ALL member Churches represented in SCOBA do follow this heresy and apostasy to their own destruction and the destruction of the flocks they shepherd.

Another former Patriarch of Constantinople seemed to understand this:

"We know that salvation itself is a property of the One Church, and that no one can be outside of the catholic [small c] Church and yet share the Faith of Christ, or be saved...Neither do we offer any part of that hope to the ungodly heretics, but we place them entirely outside of that hope; indeed, they have not the least participation in Christ, but vainly assume for themselves that saving Name."-St. John Chrysostom, Archbishop of Constantinople (4th Century AD)

Remember Saint Chrysostom's words as you participate in His Liturgy this Sunday. If your Priest, Bishop, or Patriarch is a member of the World Council of Churches or condones such by his action or inaction, thus promoting a gospel that is not of Christ and His Apostles, then depose them or flee from them.

Remember these words:

" Do not be unequally yoked together with unb
elievers. For what fellowship has righteousness with lawlessness? And what communion has light with darkness? And what agreement has the temple of God with idols? For you are the temple of the living God. As God has said:

'I will dwell in them
And walk among them.
I will be their God,
And they shall be My people.'


'Come out from among them And be separate, says the Lord. Do not touch what is unclean. And I will receive you."

" I will be a Father to you
And you shall be My sons and
Says the Lord Almighty."

So take note of the links of the Orthodox Churches on the JTO site, who refuse to participate in the great apostasy and heresy that is Ecumenism and The World Council of Churches. Contact these Orthodox communions to see how you might enter their community of believers.

Otherwise the icon you venerate will look something like this:


  1. You have been doing your homework.

  2. Dear Brother,

    I am pleased to see that you have posted what you have posted on the accursed World Council of Churches and the relationship it has to Orthodox churches. It is shameful to see Orthodox Church hierarchs participating in such abominations. In fact, even if it is a Patriarch, like Bartholomew who goes astray and leads others to perdition, we are not to submit to this wickedness and urge our leaders to seriously repent of this or else the Grace of God has been withdrawn from them.

    In fact, when hierarchs such as Bartholomew and others like them go astray and lead others to perdition, the Church of God cannot help but pronounce on such people: "Anathema! Maranatha!" What is even more shameful is to see such people promoting not so much heterodox Christians, but rather promoting outright modernists and total Christ-rejecters such as Muslims and unbelieving Jews. To put Christianity on the same level as other religions makes a liar of our Lord Jesus Christ who clearly called Himself the Way, the Truth and the Life. It also makes a mockery of Christ's death and resurrection, which we celebrate as Christians, since it renders Christ's death and resurrection for our salvation as invalid and makes out as if Christ died in vain. Woe be upon such for it is better that a millstone was tied around their neck and be cast into the sea rather than they offend one of the little ones.

    Even when I was a Fundamental Baptist, I knew that ecumenism was and is abominable since it is filled with modernists and Christ-deniers. As an Orthodox, I can reject ecumenism even further and urge all genuine minded Christian leaders, whether Orthodox or non-Orthodox, to reject ecumenism and the World Council of Churches. Ecumenism is part of Mystery Babylon and is a precursor for the Antichrist and False Prophet. The late Father Seraphim Rose fought against this pan-heresy movement and sought to rescue genuine minded Christians from being caught in the muddle. His book: "Orthodoxy and the Religion of the Future." is as true today as it was then.

    As Orthodox Christians, it is our duty to reject Christ-deniers and total heretics but to love them to repentance. Let us be brave about this.

    Yours in Christ,

    Timothy Kwoh

  3. A COMMENT FROM ADAM: "Why do you now seem to hate so much that Orthodox ethos of "love and inclusion" for which you once expressed gratefulness?"

    Answer: Love and inclusion does not include those who would make friends of the world's religions considering them equal to Christianity.

    "Do you not know that friendship with the world is enmity with God? Whoever therefore wants to be a friend of the world makes himself an enemy of God."

    There is the Orthodox Church and there is the World Orthodox Church who has become apostate. There can be no communion or ethos with the later. I "hate" what God hates and "love" what He loves.

  4. I took your quiz and did not scroll down to find out the answer to who said these things so I will post my guesses here and you grade my answer.

    Ok(drum roll please)

    Uh, guess number 1- a 32 degree Freemason?

    Let me try again, not that St. John the Baptist fellow, the forerunner of Jesus Christ but the forerunner of the Anti-Christ?

    Ok, my final guess:the Pope who wishes all religion finding its visible head in his office?

    Now, let me scroll down some





    No. This can't be. The Ecumenical Patriarch of the Orthodox Catholic Church said these things?!?!

    Where is truth in this world if not here?

    Many of the Holy Elders speak of these days coming.

    Let us pray to the Lord.


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