Sunday, March 08, 2009

JTO Reaches over 20,000 Readers!

20,000 hits is not significant in the eyes of the blogging world, but JTO doesn't adhere to all of the blog traffic methods and rules. We started posting in 2006 and those who have found us are the tried and true blogging surfers. We are humbled that so many people from all over the world read and comment on JTO. If you haven't taken the time, look for the Archived Articles to the left and see what you have missed. You will find most of the articles and comments as relevant now as when they were first posted.

Below is an example of what a few months traffic on JTO looks like. Look for your country and you might find you are not alone. Thanks to all JTO readers!

United States (US)2,096
Canada (CA)200
United Kingdom (GB)65
Australia (AU)45
Israel (IL)36
Greece (GR)35
Germany (DE)15
Sweden (SE)12
Finland (FI)7
Bulgaria (BG)6
South Africa (ZA)6
India (IN)6
Spain (ES)6
Netherlands (NL)6
Romania (RO)5
Philippines (PH)5
Malaysia (MY)4
New Zealand (NZ)3
Russian Federation (RU)3
Ireland (IE)3
France (FR)3
Korea, Republic of (KR)3
Mexico (MX)3
Japan (JP)3
Brazil (BR)3
Cyprus (CY)3
Hungary (HU)2
Poland (PL)2
Belgium (BE)2
Austria (AT)2
Ukraine (UA)2
Italy (IT)2
China (CN)2
Indonesia (ID)1
Denmark (DK)1
Norway (NO)1
Peru (PE)1
Estonia (EE)1
Lithuania (LT)1
Czech Republic (CZ)1
United Arab Emirates (AE)1
Egypt (EG)1
Saudi Arabia (SA)1
Serbia (RS)1
Ghana (GH)1
Nigeria (NG)1
Kenya (KE)1

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