Saturday, May 02, 2009

The Bolsheviks Are Back

Author Unknown...

For us who witnessed the fall of the Soviet Union and the demise of the Communist dictatorship 20 years ago, it was impossible to believe then that the atheist establishment that fell with such a bang would have been back in business in such a short time. Unfortunately we are re-living the times of 1917 when the Godless regime attempted to drown and extinguish Orthodoxy. Ninety years later after committing unspeakable crimes against the True Orthodox Church of Russia, a new wave of persecution has been unleashed, camouflaged under the cloak of law enforcement by a pseudo-democratic state.

It appears now as if nothing has changed: The state is still trying to suppress and choke off True Orthodoxy, the MP is a cheerleader of the Godless regime (
Sergianism in full bloom) and the True Orthodox are once again running for the Catacombs. It is dejavou all over again with two notable exceptions:
* This time the government is pretending to be a democracy enforcing equitable laws and treating everyone equally and
* the MP is an instigator of much of the suffering inflicted on fellow Orthodox if one can ever accept that the MP is Orthodox.

The collusion of MP and the government is clear against those whose only crime is that they are not followers of the government-approved faith. It is inconceivable that in the 21 century, in a country that calls itself Orthodox, the government is seizing and closing Churches and persecuting its citizens merely because they do not follow the faith approved by the government. It is difficult to believe that the True Orthodox of Russia have to revert to asking for help from western heretics to defend them from their fellow "Orthodox". It is difficult to believe that protestants and catholics and Pentecostals are treated as fellow Christians and the True Orthodox are treated as if they are non-believers (as is the case of the Constantinople Patriarchate in its attempt to muzzle the
Esphigmenou Monastery and the Traditional movement in general).

I have spent some time in the Middle East where churches were not allowed to place a cross on their buildings but the reason of course is that Christianity is not an accepted religion in Muslim countries. Russia these days resembles a Muslim country when it comes to the Churches of
ROAC: ROAC has not been allowed to place a cross or cuppalas on the two churches that have been built in Moscow by private donations and private efforts on private land. Is the present government in Russia of the same mindset? You decide for yourself. If you do not believe what you are reading and find these facts incredible, then please open your eyes and beware of the creeping reality because as they say back in the old country "today it is my neighbors feast but it is also the eve of my celebration". Today it is ROAC in the crosshairs of the neo-soviets. Without a doubt the other Traditional Churches will not escape such treatment when the MP and the government masters find it opportune to smash the competition and silence their voices.

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