Friday, May 08, 2009

These Mortal Bodies

At first glance it seems encouraging that God has made we humans "a little lower than the angels". Combined with the promise that one day our "little lower" rank will be elevated above the angels is cause for hope. But these mortal bodies do fail us and cause us pain. We are always grateful for the years that God has given us whether our change from mortal to immortal bodies comes in our youth or waits until our old age. I ask all JTO readers to offer at least one prayer for the health and welfare of my earthy father, who at 81 years of age is now faced with a degenerative spine condition. He, much like his father before him, would never willingly stop serving the Lord and being physically active to bring all that will into the Kingdom. He is stubborn to the point of defusing any talk of His condition, which includes extreme pain and the eventual inability to be mobile, to the fact that Creator God knows all about it and will take care of him. Reverend Bill H. Lewis cannot defuse our prayers for him, however, and since I am certain this lifelong Baptist Pastor doesn't read my Orthodox Blog, perhaps I will escape his rebuke for my public request on his behalf.

Christ Is Risen!


  1. Anonymous5:27 PM

    I pray for him, that God's mercy and grace fall upon him, that God will use this for His glory and for your father's eternal benefit.

  2. Thank you desertseeker. I owe my faith to my father who taught me the fear of God and that God is a "faithful rewarder of all who diligently seek Him."

    I will pray for you in your journey and look forward to spending time at your excellent and transparent blog.

  3. May our Gracious and all Merciful God grant health, peace, strength and length-of-days, all according to His Holy will.


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