Thursday, September 03, 2009

Depose Or Remove!

In this provocative word from Orthodox Prophets website, only two options are given in dealing with heretical bishops who are participating in the coming One World Church. Click: Depose or Remove!


  1. Nathan1:27 PM

    I've been hearing this world church business for almost 30 years. This is nothing but fundamentalism. Fundamentalist prophecy has a very poor track record.

    I think when history is written, Arianism will be shown to be a far greater threat to the Church than ecumenism, which is by its very nature unsustainable. But "end times" thinking always corrupts and diminishes history, having no real place for it.

  2. Nathan, there is too much verifiable documentation to deem the One World Church a figment of someone's fundamentalist imagination. Is is possible that there has been an evolution of sorts in the 30 years you have been hearing about it?

  3. Nathan, Also, here is a good resource for discerning what is Orthodox Eschatology and what is not:

    The understanding that there will be a final world ruler who will imitate Christ is fully Orthodox. Christ has told us that it will be a dark time before He returns to defeat the enemies. The WORLD will worship the Anti-Christ who leads the One World Church birthed by the One Word Government. All True and Genuine Christians will be persecuted. To achieve this, all religions must be neutralized and equalized so that truth is no longer absolute and all ways to heaven are deemed equal. The Orthodox Heirarchs are verifiably entrenched in this design and are even the architects of its promotion, particularly Patriarch Bartholomew. This is why all "Orthodox" churches in communion with him or any other Bishop participating in this movement are referred to as "World Orthodox". Please read my post "Why We Left...Where We Went" for quotes and documentation and we can discuss from there.

  4. Anonymous, You are right. There is no benefit in posting your words since they are bereft of any constructive contribution to this discussion. I don't answer personal accusations or indictments such as the ones you offered, however, if you care to use my readily available e-mail address I would be happy to hear your views on the issues of the post. Click on my profile. Of course in doing so you will give up the haven of your Anonymous standing. You will have to decide how confident you are to make such charges when not hiding in the shadows of anonymity. As for me, I find the words of Winston Churchill very apropos, "You have enemies? Good! That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life."

  5. For my my veiw on Self-Appointed Prophets and their prophesies, please read my 2006 post:

  6. Anonymous2:08 AM

    Dear Nathan,
    I apologize for posting this anonymously, so please forgive me. I came across a letter written by Elder Paisios that I thought you might find helpful:


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