Friday, September 11, 2009

The Three Pillars Of The Power Of The Antichrist UPDATE: 1/15/2015

The Global Religion is here. There are only two religions on the planet, the True Orthodox Church and the Global Religion of the Antichrist which is Ecumenism. Listen to this Holy Monk explain in clear terms the three pillars of power that the Antichrist is using to dominate the population of the Earth.
Global Economy
Global Politics
Global Religion

With these three pillars established, the AntiChrist will set himself up as head. But one breath from Christ Jesus will topple the Kingdoms of this world.

[UPDATE: The videos are no longer available.  The comment section still has valuable information.]


  1. Anonymous4:01 AM

    Are you saying that all Christian traditions that dont belong to so called true Orthodox Churches are part of the ecumenist movement?
    Including all of the independent baptist, and church of Christ types?

  2. Mike,
    A good criteria for answering your question is to determine if a particular group is part of the World Council of Churches. Also, did that group send a representative to be received by the Pope of Rome (You Tube video readily available). I understand the need sometimes for the "are you saying" questions, but have found that they usually are the result of presumption due to failure to look at the entire body of the post. Did you watch the entire video of the Monk or did you base your question on my lead-in statement? In any case, the Monk proposes that since there is absolute truth and that it is contained in the Orthodox Church, which does not and will not participate in the movement toward false religious unity leading to the One World Government, then all other groups are outside of Orthodoxy and are, to various degrees, either knowingly or unknowingly, participating in Ecumenism. The degree of their participation is ever increasing as the time of Christ's return grows near. As always, there is a measure of truth in many religions groups and very sincere individuals in each. The true or genuine Orthodox Church does not judge the state of an individual person's soul or eternal destiny, but it does say "this is the truth and here is where it is contained". It does also point out where a specific group has particularly egregiously departed from the Faith of our Fathers. Any determination of the validity or Ecumenism of another group is based on that plumb-line. In regard to the word "true": It along with the word "genuine" were first used to delineate between the original Orthodox Christians in Greece who withstood the efforts of one ecumenist, Freemason Bishop who, with the help of the Greek government and the Ecumenists of the Roman Church and The Anglican Church, forcibly and violently persecuted those who would not follow his independent command to altar the liturgical worship cycle by which the entire Eastern Church unitedly worshiped for a thousand-plus years. The sole motive of this change to a new calendar was to be in liturgical communion with non-orthodox groups who could lend financial support. So the words "true" and "genuine", once used only as verbs have become nouns some 70 years past that event and the terms "Old Calendar" and "New Calender" are used as well. Is the use of such words exclusive?Yes. The True and Genuine Churches have kept to the original canons and the Faith of our Fathers while their counterparts, the World Orthodox Churches, Roman Catholics and Protestant groups, and to move toward the adulteration of the very gospel itself, i.e. "all religions are equal paths to heaven, Jesus is not the only way, there is no absolute truth anymore so it is okay to have only a measure of truth and call yourself a church, we will only know the truth when Christ returns...". Please understand that the Genuine and True churches consist of living members who saw with their own eyes or experienced with their own bodies, armed policemen storming their worship services, stomping on the eucharistic elements, beating the priests, rifle butts to the head, being hung up by their feet for days in torturous situations. Not just 70 years ago, this is happening in Russia right now as the KGB-led Moscow Patriarch is confiscating the temples and property of the True and Genuine Churches there. (See the NTFY link to follow this persecution). So before one too quickly suggests that the use of True and Genuine is based in arrogance, understand their history and what these "so-called" True and Genuine Orthodoxy believers have and are enduring.(Read The Struggle Against Ecumenism- The Holy Orthodox Church in America-Boston Massachusetts-1998) As always, if you want to know where the True Church is on this planet, follow the persecution.

  3. Anonymous7:39 PM


    I would like to suggest that you acknowledge "The Holy Orthodox Church of North America" with Metropolitan Ephraim in Boston at the Holy Transfiguration Monastery.

    In Christ,


  4. Patitsas,

    I have been greatly blessed by "The Struggle Against Ecumenism" which has come out of the Holy Transfiguration Monastery and have acknowledged such in several articles. I also have added a new link on the JTO site. May God bless HOCNA on their continued journey to the purity of the faith and repentance from the past. May God forgive me a sinner.

  5. Anonymous11:39 AM

    what happened to the videos? where can we view them now?

  6. Anon: This was posted six years ago. Apparently the You Tube account that provided these was closed. I don't know why.I'll see if I can find them elsewhere.


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