Monday, November 16, 2009

Are You Awake Yet?

World Orthodoxy continues its plummet into the abyss of heresy:

All jurisdictions in communion with SCOBA and the Patriarch of Constantinople are in heresy. Guard your soul and that of your family. Come out of her!

Are You Awake Yet?

11/21/09 Addendum to this post.

A JTO reader took exception to the fact that JTO posted  a *link which erroneously concludes that Met. Hilarion had "a meeting" with Freemason leaders. The criticism is valid and JTO regrets having posted a link that was erroneous in its interpretation of the photo at issue, or at the least, incomplete in its information. JTO, however, would question the failure of the Met Hilarion to "refrain from every appearance or evil", in allowing himself to be photographed with Masonic leaders who were clearly identified by the pins they wore on their clothing. The Masonic leaders, in turn, used the photograph to promote their own propaganda via their publication, photo included, and further their own agenda within Orthodoxy. Here is Met. Hilarion's statement on the matter:

De : Archbishop Hilarion Kapral []
Envoyé : vendredi 20 novembre 2009 4:20
À : xxxxxxxx
Cc : xxxxxxx
Objet : Re: Meeting with masons

Dear Vladimir,

I was very amazed to learn that I had attended a Masonic meeting. Such a thing has never happened.

What in actual fact occurred is being totally distorted. During the visit of the delegation of the Russian Orthodox Church to South America with the choir of the Sretensky Monastery some two years ago, the delegation was invited by the ambassador of the Russian Federation to a reception at the embassy. Many different dignitaries were also invited to attend.

While Metropolitan Platon and I were standing at the reception, two distinguished-looking gentlemen came up to us and asked if they could be photographed with us. We said, why not? We did not ask who they were. It turned out that they are high-ranking Masons of Brazil. That is the extent of our involvement with Masons.

The enemies of the Russian Orthodox Church are very quick to pick up on such an unexpected and innocent encounter to defame and slander the Church and its hierarch.

For the record: I am not a Mason and have nothing to do with Masonry. It is impossible for a Christian to be a Mason at the same time as Masonry is a religion of its own.

In Christ our Saviour,
+ Metropolitan Hilarion

Met. Hilarion misses the point if thinks that those expressing concern over the matter just want to "defame and slander the Church and its hierarch." The fact that this is an issue and a discussion, is evidence of Met Hilarion's poor judgment in allowing himself to be duped by these satanists appearing as angels of light. I believe Met. Hilarion now has the answer to his question, "Why not"?


  1. Anonymous5:12 AM

    This is Hogwash and you are still a Protestant. Maybe you should wait until you are a baptised Orthodox Christian before you go about pronouncing judgment on Orthodox Bishops. For your souls sake I hope there isnt a Genuine Double secret True Orthodox Church that will come along and lead you and your family further into cultish seclusion and Campbellite style exclusivity. Phewy!

  2. When you say "Hogwash" does that means it is not happening or that you don't like the fact that I have talked about it? I gave the links to the very public news stories. It is not like I am offering an opinion. They are doing these things. Your response is yet another example of an anonymous blogger offering no substance to the issues presented, but, rather, ignoring them to launch a personal attack and commentary on the messenger. So, Anon, what do you think of the Bishops being shoulder to shoulder with the Mason's and of the Patriarch giving a Christ-Denying Q'ran to a Muslin cleric? You do know that all World Orthodox Churches are reunited with the Romans now don't you. Is that okay by you? Does truth matter? Study the canons to see that I am saying only what the church has always said to such matters. Please read the related articles at the bottom of the Blog post for more documentation. God Bless You. PS. Why don't you sign your name and offer some real substance to your opinions?

  3. Columba Silouan11:32 PM

    Hi Brother Nathan.

    I was really blessed by your Gift of Tears post. Your current post on World Orthodoxy is sad and sobering, especially about the Koran gift part.

    I've had an experience with The Gift of Tears just this week after about 20 years of dryness following a Mortal Sin I committed in anger in the 1980's.

    The schisms among christians will always be very sad. I once read a book called The End of The Church by Dr. Ephraim Radner that was helpful about this subject.

    Blessings in the Holy Trinity, One God

    Columba Silouan

  4. Columba Silouan, Thank You for the blessing and your kind comments. As you can see, your tone toward me differs greatly from that of the World Orthodox Commenters. It amazes me that they display the same attitude which they accuse the Genuine and True Christians of having. The Baptists used to use the same tactics. If the once saved always saved thing didn't seem evident in a person's life, they just said. "You were never saved to begin with." But wait! I thought the World Orthodox chrismation, in lue of Baptism, my participation in the sacraments of the church, confession, fasting, et. al., was supposed to do the trick? How can I still be Protestant? It is amazing. Now, that I have discovered that their Bishops are heretics, I was "never one of them." What an amazingly naive judgment, or is it deliberate subterfuge so they don't have to address the issues proposed? I doubt the "hogwash" commenter will give their opinion on the issues of this post because they can't justify their Bishops.

    I am truly grateful for your continued prayers.

  5. Excellent, you have changed the posting format that works with Firefox.

    Nevermind those guys Nathan, their lashing out is a defense mechanism to news they didn't like, and they know it's the truth. They're just in denial. To paraphrase Carl Jung, there is no coming to consciousness without pain.

    But yeah. If you were christmated without baptism and partook in all the sacraments, how can you be a protestant? Either christmation is enough or it isn't. I have raised these same questions only to be told "fagedaboudit." ANTIOCH WILL NOT GIVE ANYONE AN ORTHODOX BAPTISM IF THEY'VE HAD ONE FROM PROTESTANTS OR CATHOLICS! I know from experience. Ergo one has no choice but to Old Calendarist.

    I'll give Met. Hilarion the benefit of the doubt. We all make mistakes. That's why there's confession. As for his all phoniness, what do expect from a steer other than beef?

    I myself am leery of these True Orthodox, but if the Lewis' found one that works for them, I say God Grant them many years!

  6. Debbie Espen10:51 PM

    I must say, it is a fascinating journey you have been taking, Nathan! You should write a book!

  7. Debbie,
    My blog is a book! (Though it needs some serious editing...)

  8. Anonymous12:30 AM

    I went back and looked at the photo of the Masons. The man on the left side doesn't have any pin on his suit. The man on the right has some very, very tiny pin but it cannot be seen very well.

    In my opinion, It is unfair to state that the Metropolitans knew they were taking a photo with Masons. Many people wanted to be photographed with them throughout their entire trip. You can see some of the many photos that they took with all kinds of people on the

    May God be with you and your family.

  9. Sarah, I must agree with you. It may very well be that the Met. didn't know that they were Masons. I don't think the Met. said, "Hey Masons, come over here for a photo op!". My point was to suggest that the Masons certainly weren't hiding their identity, thus the pins on the lapel. I spoke, in my addendum to the Post, about the Met's carelessness and cavalier willingness to be photographed at such a meeting, with someone whom he didn't know. I also offered my regret for posting a link, without explanation, that suggested the Met. had a "meeting" with the Masons. Thanks for keeping me on the straight and narrow.

  10. Dear in Christ, Nathan,

    I am sorry for some of the hostility that you have received. I do not think that I have ever posted to your blog but I do visit it occasionally and read it with interest, and not a small amount of admiration for your fervent faith and courage to do what you believe necessary for your salvation.

    I would only ask that you perhaps be a little gentler on Vladyka Hilarion. The explanation given, that these gentlemen simply approached and asked to be photographed, is really quite believable for anybody who has spent time with him. I am but a lowly reader but, even so, when I am in my cassock on my way to church, I receive looks and comments, and occasionally people will come up to me and start a conversation. Having spent time with others of our hierarchs in public places, I have also noticed the interest that they stir up in others simply by their mode of attire, especially by those who recognise them as Orthodox Christians and perceive that as something exotic.

    Metropolitan Hilarion is a gentle soul and my experience is that he makes time for anybody who approaches him. If they were to ask for a photograph, he wouldn't simply refuse, and often, these things happen so quickly that the little details such as a person's lapel pin are not the first thing that are noticed. By the time the photograph is taken, the deed is done and it is too late.

    As for Bartholomew as Patriarch, well, yes, I agree that he is unfit for purpose. This causes difficulty for me. What to do, I do not know. Please pray.

  11. Michael,
    Thanks for you comment!

    "I would only ask that you perhaps be a little gentler on Vladyka Hilarion."

    Thanks for the suggestion. I did attempt to bring a better balance to the story in posting Vladyka Hilarion's letter of response.

    I don't think I was too harsh in raising the questions that have come out of the situation. I am fairly certain that the Met. would agree with the suggestions I made. I am very certain that he regrets that his likeness and the photo is now being used in Freemason publications.

    The scripture tells us to refrain from even the very appearance of evil.

    "Metropolitan Hilarion is a gentle soul and my experience is that he makes time for anybody who approaches him."

    Though your above assessment seems to be an attribute, having a gentle soul without wisdom causes such events. Christ Himself was meek and mild but also knew how to recognize enemies of God and knew when to take up the whip and chase our the moneychangers. There is a difference between meekness and weakness.

    The focus of my post is not one of character indictment, but one of questioning the wisdom of this one action. It seems you know the man and I don't, so I take you at your word concerning the sensitivity of the Met's heart and his sincerity.

    I can stand to show more gentleness upon occasion, though I am not certain this is one of them. Your exhortation is well taken, though.

    I have been to your blog and will visit more often.


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