Wednesday, November 04, 2009

The "Fear" of Gay Marriage

AP/PORTLAND, Maine – Cecelia Burnett and Ann Swanson had already set their wedding date. When they joined about 1,000 other gay marriage supporters for an election night party in a Holiday Inn ballroom, they hoped to celebrate the vote that would make it possible.

Instead, they went home at midnight, dejected and near tears after a failed bid to make Maine the first state to approve same-sex marriage at the ballot box.

"I'm ready to start crying," said Burnett, a 58-year-old massage therapist, walking out of the ballroom with Swanson at her side. "I don't understand what the fear is, why people are so afraid of this change.

"It hurts. It hurts personally," she said. "It's a personal rejection of us and our relationship, and I don't understand what the fear is."

The reason you don't understand is because your standard of morality is based on personal relativity and not on the fact that there is a God who created you and knows better than you what you need in order to live a fulfilling life here and in the life to come. Homosexuality is an aberration, perversion, and anomaly of God's design of creation. Does not your very anatomy tell you that? Marriage is a sacramental covenant established and ordained by God, between a man and a woman. The reason you don't understand is because those who "fear" gay marriage do so based in the fear of God, not fear of gays. The word "fear" here, does not mean "to be afraid", but, rather, "respect." The majority of Americans, and in fact, the majority of cultures across the world, do not fear (respect) any rights that are elevated above that which God says is right. It's that simple. Now do you understand what the fear is? Perhaps, acquiring a little fear of God may help you.

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  1. The "fear" of gay marriages is not that people are afraid of them, but that people want to respect the Word of God. According to God, marriage should be a covenant between a man and a woman.

    It is a violation of Christian theology for two men or two women to get married. It's that simple.


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