Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Invasion Of America-A Dereliction Of Duty

I have always tried to refrain from turning JTO into a political discussion forum. I do venture, upon occasion, into revealing the motives and actions of Islamic terrorists and their anti-Semitic enablers, as well as other various, relevant topics. There is one such relevant topic that has become so critical that it cannot be ignored on this Blog, that of border security. As our religious freedoms in America continue to erode, so do our safety and sovereignty.

The topic of securing the borders of the United States of America, has been much politicized. The Hispanic vote and the future potential pro-Democrat Party voting block of over 13-20 million Illegal Aliens (if they are granted amnesty) is the core reason the current Democrat administration has refused to fulfill its Constitutional obligation to protect its citizens at our nation's Southern border. The Democrat administration does not want to be perceived as anti-Hispanic. America is a nation of immigrants. We are a most welcoming people. But most Americans are anti-ILLEGAL Immigration. Over 500,000 illegal aliens enter our country every year from many nations, and most using the Southern border. For instance, did you know that there are over 600 Pakistanis in Federal custody awaiting deportation as we speak, not to mention scores from Colombia, Iran, Middle East, and Asia? All are crossing our porous Southern border.

The appeal to our Federal Government to fulfill their obligation of securing our borders, is not one of anti-immigrant prejudice, but, rather, one of protective patriotic resistance to illegal aliens of many nationalities, streaming across our borders by the thousands. In this day and age of anti-American terrorists, drug cartels, human trafficking and sex slave trade, America's Southern border, especially Arizona, has become so dangerous that the Federal Government has now closed a national park and posted signs warning United States Citizens to KEEP OUT. (See Video Below) They have posted signs telling us to keep out of our own sovereign land while refusing to send troops to the border to stop the invasion. To give some perspective, it is important to understand that the invasion at our breached borders stretches over 80 miles inland into the heart of our country. Arizonians have been forced to pass legislation that allows them to begin to do the job that the Federal Government has failed to do-protect its citizens. Don't be misled, the recently passed Arizona Illegal Immigration Law, mirrors our federal law and has more safeguards to protect the rights of those who are here legally than does the Federal law. Those who say otherwise either haven't read the law or are not being honest.

The refusal of our President to act in this matter and protect American citizens is a dereliction of duty. The argument can be made, and rightfully so, that previous administrations have also been derelict in their duties, but there is nothing to compare with the current state of the situation. America is being invaded by those who have and will do us harm. Pray that our government will SECURE THE BORDERS!


  1. There is no country named 'Columbia'. What are you talking about?

  2. Abu Daoud, That's it? I post an article that says our country is being overrun and its citizens murdered and you focus on my misspelling of a word? That is not the focus I would have given, but in any case...

    I stand corrected. You are right. The U should be an O. ColOmbia is the third most populous country in Latin America, just under Brazil and Mexico. That is what I am talking about...but you knew that. Didn't you?

  3. I agree with you regarding borders. This is a real problem. I'm not surprised to see states like Arizona taking action when the federal government sits around doing nothing.

    I think illegal immigrants will decide to steer clear of Arizona in the long run, which will shift more numbers to states like Texas and California. Texas is not a welfare state, but California is, and they are in big trouble already re their budget. Their lack of willingness to tackle this topic is part of that problem, I think.


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