Thursday, September 09, 2010

The Plight Of The Prophet


  1. So, Nathan, is this how you plan to produce the film on St. Moses?


  2. J, It would be cheaper and actors would be easier to work with....hopefully, our budget will a bit more substantial.

  3. That's good news! I trusted as much, but couldn't help but indulge the thought since you posted these clips so soon after the St. Moses announcement. I pray that the motion picture idea will bear fruit if it be God's will. I have had in the past a decidedly negative view about all attempts to convey spiritual matters through film, but that was based on Protestant and fringe attempts to convey Christ and various Scriptural themes without understanding Christ and true spiritual life. Practically all such attempts have ended up as mockeries of the sacred subject matter, whether willingly or unwillingly, or as unintended sacrilege. My pesismism regarding such endeavors was completely changed, however, by Ostrog. I realize that a production of similar spiritual and aesthetic quality would be both expensive and a tremendously challenging undertaking, impossible without God's blessing and assistance.
    It is no easy task to undertake what you have decided to undertake in the St. Moses film, but I will pray that if it is God's will you will succeed in producing a edifying and contrition-inducing film.

  4. J,
    Thanks for your understanding of the challenges ahead of us.


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