Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Where Are All The Orthodox Film Investors?

I recently ran across a blog article that asked the question, "Where are all the Orthodox filmmakers?" My response to the article was, "We are here!" I then added an alternative question, "Where are all the Orthodox film investors?" After many years as a professional filmmaker and producer, I have settled on this adage, "Filmmaking is not brain surgery, but film producing is harder than brain surgery."

There is no shortage of Orthodox filmmakers, though there would be many more if they had the resources. Many are actively working as good stewards of the gifts God has given them, even amidst well-meaning, but ignorant detractors who believe that filmmaking is inherently evil. Those who have a vision for reaching the non-orthodox world through the medium of film, clamor for projects, such as Moses The Black-The Motion Picture, which I and my partner are currently producing. They clamor and pray and ask questions-all good things, however, the pragmatic thing to do is to pull out their checkbook and financially support such ventures. Filmmaking is not brain surgery. Here is the simple equation:

Filmmakers + Investors = A Produced Film

I am thrilled when I hear someone take on the burden of wishing there were more Orthodox films via Orthodox Filmmakers. I would be even more thrilled if those same people would lead out to rally others to financially support those filmmakers.

Do you want to see the lives of Saint Moses the Black, Saint Mary of Egypt, and others, produced as feature films? Look at us and our project and see how you can be involved:


  1. I agree, Nathan. Many worthwhile things take money. They don't just magically happen because we will it. If it's any help, I did try to encourage donations for your film through my blog and our diocesan website when I first read your post about the film. I'm thoroughly looking forward to it.

  2. Brother Michael! Thank you so much for your prayer and support. I don't know that we are prepared to accept "donations". We are working on a way to make that happen should some not want to "invest". Please continue to spread the word. God bless you!

  3. Anonymous7:51 PM

    oh, my parents are orthodox filmmakers, and yes, indeed it is sooo difficult to find financing... however, God helps and the films are being made :)


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