Sunday, December 08, 2013


My Journey To Orthodoxy has led me to a very sobering place--the lowest of the low--a place of servitude and rank, void of acclaim. Several times today I have been congratulated. A nice gesture, and well intended, but a confusing dichotomy for a newly tonsured Reader in the Orthodox Church. The rank of Reader is the entry point for Orthodox clergy and a simple position of service- so I don't know what to do with the well-intended congratulations offered by sincere and godly people. The dichotomy is the fact that Christ called the servant the greatest of all. Yet, to be great you must be the least--thus the confusion, and yet it makes total sense, if one has eyes to see.

Today, His Beatitude, The Very Most Reverend Metropolitan John, Archbishop of New York and New Jersey, First Heirarch of the Holy Synod, of the Autonomous Orthodox Metropolia of North and South America and the British Isles, within the Tomos of Union with the True Orthodox Churches of Greece, Russia, and Italy, saw fit to tonsure me and make me a Reader. With this low place of service comes a high measure of grace extending from Vladyka John's hand of blessing. With the charge to establish a mission center in Tennessee, my wife Xanthia and I will establish a place of prayer and ministry in the Middle Tennessee region of the south, USA.

This Orthodox Christian communion focuses not on what is wrong with the world, but, rather, on Christ Himself, who has, is, and will make all things right. All who come to Christ will find a savior and redeemer ready to extend to them His love and redemption under the umbrella of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. 

Please pray for me, a sinner, that I will trully be an extenion of the ministry of Vladyka John and of our Lord Jesus Christ who was, and is, and is to come!



  1. Nathan I wish you many blessings as a reader. What a wonderful thing. Wish I could be a reader.
    I have followed your blog and am a convert from the Baptist church like you.
    I have found helpful information and appreciate that.

    In following your blog I seem to remember that you attended a church where Fr. Gregory was the priest. Is that where you are the reader?

  2. Anna, Thank you so much. No, Father Gregory is not under our Bishop and we are no longer with Father Gregory. Info as to where we are is in the above post. We are starting a mission in our home in Tennessee, where I lead in the services. We will have a website and more info soon. Come and visit us!

  3. Nathan that is great! I can't wait to see the website. As a recent convert I am still not sure of which Bishop is over what church - so please forgive my lack of knowledge, eventually I suppose I'll be more familiar.


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