Friday, March 07, 2014

"Writers Are The Prophets Of This Generation"

"Writers are the prophets of this generation." These words were spoken to me by a friend who has spent his career in the literary and publishing world. At his words, my soul was pierced and a healing balm of God's Spirit was poured in.

Indeed, the prophets of our day use the art of writing to speak to the world at large and to specific individuals. It is true that writers are the prophets of this generation, but not all writers. Thus it is also true that prophets are the writers of this generation, but not all prophets. But for those prophets, with the gift, the calling, and the opportunity to communicate through writing, one stroke of a pen, one click of a button, one signing of a publishing contract and they are allowed, by the grace of God, and by their obedience, to speak to more people than the prophets of old did during their lifetime. But how do we know today the words that the prophets of old spoke? Their spoken words were written--the people read them--and still read them today. To him who has ears to hear, let him hear. To him who has eyes to see, let him see. The written word by the prophet hits its intended target audience.

Writers are the prophets of this generation. With the words of my friend, I found myself at the culmination of a long season of preparation. I am a writer. By God's grace, my prophetic platform goes beyond a blog. It extends to a larger platform. I am a screenwriter and a film producer.  I am inspired to write that which speaks to the individual, to the nation, to the world through feature films.  I write, then film what has been written-two mediums. A greater audience. 

"You will speak to the masses." These are the words spoken to me by my creator many years go. As I have moved through seasons of life, events, struggles, death of many visions, He has been present to show me, in the secret place of the most high, that place where prophets go to have their flesh annihilated and their will prepared to receive. My life is not my own--I am bought with a price--I speak the will of God in season and out--to those willing to hear and to those who might do me harm. "You will care what no man does to you", said my God.  So, now, this season has arrived and I have penned, clicked and signed- to speak the mind and will of God.

Rocky Top Pictures LLC is the structure from which I am writing and producing several feature films (dramatic films for theatrical release). A feature film that is the definitive film about abortion. A feature film based on the life of Saint Moses the Black. An 1800's period piece showing the spiritual evolution of an outlaw. A feature film about the enduring friendship of an autistic white boy born into wealth and privilege and a black boy from the other side of the tracks.  A feature film about a fallen priest who finds redemption defending a Native American tribe from oppressors. Now it seems, the God of all creativity, is saying to me "Go speak what has been written." And with that, He makes a way. He lights the path. He brings others to aide in the process. Even other prophets to add their words and works. 

Writers are the prophets of this generation. "And He Himself gave some to be prophets...For the Lord does nothing unless He reveals instructions to His servants the prophets."

Lord make me an instrument of your peace and write your words upon my heart.


  1. Anonymous3:21 AM

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  2. Anonymous3:21 AM
    What if I'm feeling compelled to write for God. But I don't want to. I just want a normal life without persecution...

  3. Anon, First of all, God does not need any of us to write "for" Him. He is doing just fine, however, assuming that it is actually God compelling you to write (You will have to determine that), I would quote a line from one of my favorite movies -Tombstone- Doc Holiday, on his deathbed says to Wyatt Earp, "There ain't no normal life Wyatt, there's just live it.." If indeed you have a charism from God that necessitates the dissemination of information, and the written word is the best mechanism, then that is the "normal life" for you. All else is abnormal. And if it is God compelling you, then no peace will come until you obey Him. I would suggest that there is "wisdom in many counselors" - in particular, having a spiritual father to whom you answer and seek guidance, is important. Also, since you are blogging here, I assume you are talking about blogging as a conduit for your words. A public forum such as this is a different animal! There have been season when I have deactivated the anonymous posting feature, because for the evil and vitriol that comes. (Read: Blogger Troll Confesses to Criminal Past and Drive By Boggers) Make certain you know the forum which God has prepared. Perhaps you are to write for your own circle of influence- a private blog that allows only members you know, or a book to publish that people must purchase. Seeking counsel for such a venture is wise.


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