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A Sign Of The Jezebel Spirit


The controlling Jezebel spirit (Hebrew אִיזָבֶל ('Izevel/'Izavel) is most often displayed in women. These women seduce and deceive their way into a positions of authority that are neither given nor earned. They maneuver, lobby or manipulate their way into communication with men - especially, the clergy. The Jezebel spirit must have a voice - she must have influence and position and has an insatiable desire for affirmation and recognition. Jezebel does not desire equality with men, she desires to dominate them. Her desire to dominate is demonically borne of Satan's goal of nullifying and destroying the church, and in particular, the man of God. Her tool is to gain the confidence of the man of God in order to do him harm, if not openly, then by subterfuge. Jezebel's greatest threat on her way to domination is the prophet (or seer). The prophet/seer is particularly equipped to discern this spirit at work and its cunning devises. The Jezebel will initially attempt to deceive the prophet/seer as she would any man, however, when she realizes she is thwarted or exposed, she will viciously attack or resist the prophet/seer (1 Kings 19) and attempt to diminish his voice. She may contradict him at every turn, and try to rally others to resist him as well. She works behind the scenes with gossip couched in religious language and feigned concern for the church, but her real motivation is to remove what she perceives to be an obstacle to her mission of domination. Jezebel may be a married woman, but she is usually the mouthpiece and spiritual leader in the relationship. She may also be a single woman and more often than not, a woman with one or more divorces or failed relationships in her history.


Jezebel's reach today is expansive and rapid due to modern communication technology, in particular, social media, blogs, and mass e-mails. With the click of a button, Jezebel can speak into the life of the church and communicate with numerous men and clergy at one time. But her preferred method is not blatancy or obvious words- it is a methodical and slow dissemination of information and influence, which she hopes will gain the confidence of the hearers. With a Facebook account or a presence in a chat room, Jezebel, in effect, sits in counsel and discussion with the clergy as an equal, giving her opinion and advice. 


I have recently become aware of a recurring theme in regards to Jezebel's work in targeting Genuine Orthodox Churches. She will often promote the idea that the group is "small", a "remnant", and are the only ones who know what is going on. In truth, no one should take pride in the fact that the remnant of true believers is small,  as it indicates a weakness in the mission of the church to bring salvation to all the world. But, Jezebel will work to cast dispersion on other groups and point out their failures, often calling out groups and people by name. In this, she entrenches herself as a part of this small group so as to exercise her influence. The aim is to subconsciously plant the idea in others that she is "one of us." In truth, her goal is to keep the true believers "small" by causing division and preventing unity both in the church and in the lives of individuals. Jezebel hates unity, works to undermine it at every turn, and works to keep things stirred up.


The Jezebel spirit will single out a man and try to make her way into his confidence. I once had a woman contact me by Facebook message. I am selective about who I "friend", but Jezebel spirit is cunning and usually not obvious. The woman told me who she was and that both she and her husband use the Facebook account, so I would get to talk with both of them. I accepted her friend request and also her request for my JTO e-mail. The woman began to send me a group e-mail bashing other jurisdictions. I asked to be removed from that list. She did so. Then, she e-mailed me personally, "sharing" information about another Orthodox brother. I immediately put a halt to it, telling her that what she was doing "bordered on gossip" and "frankly, I do not want to hear it."  I de-friended her on Facebook, but have subsequently seen the woman doing the same in conversations with others. I also saw the Jezebel spirit at work when I was discussing a matter on Facebook with a group of priests where she was participating. Her response to my words was to warn all (but directed toward me) to respect the words of our priests. This Jezebelian tactic is designed to be a wedge of divisiveness. With that statement, she publicly presented herself as the devoted servant and me as the rebellious independent. This, on the heels of our private e-mail where I rebuffed her for her tendency to gossip. I have yet to hear from her husband by e-mail or message, nor have I seen him in any social media forum. Left unchecked, this Jezebel-influenced woman will cause harm to the church. The question that should be asked of such a woman independently involved in this activity is, "Woman, where is thy husband"? 


I endured a three year period of time when I was publicly maligned, via the internet,  by a woman Jezebel. The viciousness of the attack included the posting of my name and the public accusation that I only had "partial salvation", was in prelest, was deluded, and was deceived by demons. This Jezebel rallied a few others- men whom she controlled - to publicly accuse me with words of, "false prophet", "enemy of the church", "liar" and even likening me to an ape. This Jezebel was an "orthodox" woman who ran an "orthodox" blog. The catalyst for her attacks was the fact that I had rebuffed her numerous attempts to become my counselor. She offered unsolicited correction to me based on her false perceptions of me. When the Jezebel spirit became convinced that she was exposed and could not control me (I, having rebuked the spirit by saying, "I have a priest and you are not him"), she turned to another tactic- trying to gain the confidence of my wife. When she learned that my wife had broken her wrist, she mailed a gift package to her. My wife, being very aware of the Jezebel spirit and knowing, as do I, her ploys and tactics, and that the woman had publicly denounced her husband, joined me in refusing the package and mailing it back, unopened. 


Discern the spirit of any woman, who independent of a husband, mingles with or converses on a regular basis with clergy, if she has not been recognized by a Bishop as having a particular grace (charism) which would warrant such a relationship. Take greatest caution in the arena of Social Media.


Women of wisdom, virtue, and holiness will read this article and not take offense nor feel it is directed at her nor misogynistic in its message. The woman with the Jezebel spirit will be angered, feel exposed, and be compelled to lash out.


1. One woman may only be influenced by the spirit of Jezebel and be acting in self-deception. Another may be controlled by Jezebel- a Jezabel - and, having stepped into a mode of witchcraft, be a more powerful tool of satan. These must be discerned.
2. Men can also be influenced by the spirit of Jezebel and unknowingly be doing her bidding. Other men may be under the control of the spirit of Jezebel and act as her emissary- her eunuch. This, too must be discerned.
3. The tell-tale sign for each is rebellion, for "rebellion as the sin of witchcraft...".


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  1. Anonymous4:21 AM

    "Discern the spirit of any woman, who independent of a husband, mingles with or converses on a regular basis with clergy, if she has not been recognized by a Bishop as having a particular grace (charism) which would warrant such a relationship. Take greatest caution in the arena of Social Media."

    Truer words never spoken. It's easy to simply block them as well. If the clergy deal with the wellspring of temptation enough without volunteering for it, why subject oneself to spiritual risk? --Dcn Joseph


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