Monday, November 24, 2014

How to Guarantee Victory Over Your Enemy

"Do not be vengeful; do not return evil for evil. 

The evil of your neighbor is sufficient. If you return evil for evil, you double the amount of evil in the world; but if you do not return him evil, he may yet burn out his own evil through repentance, and you will have lessened the evil in the world by your patience and forgiveness...

Wait on the Lord. 

...In due time both you and he who wishes evil to you will realized that He sees and remembers. You may wonder what you have accomplished in not returning evil for evil. You have accomplished the wisest possible thing in any given circumstances, namely: you have renounced your battle to the One stronger than you, and He who is stronger will win the victory for you. If you engage in battle with the evildoer, you may be overcome. 

Renounce your fight, therefore, and hand it over to the One who is victorious and unconquerable, and wait with patience.

Learn from a little child: when he is attacked by someone in the presence of his parents, he does not return to the attack but runs to his parents and bursts into tears. He knows that his parents will protect him. How do you not know that which a little child knows? ...Therefore, do not be vengeful. do not return evil for evil, but look to your Father and cry to Him. 

Only in this way will you guarantee victory for 
yourself in the clash with evil men."  

Bishop Nikolai Velimirovic'


  1. Anonymous6:02 AM

    Thank you so much for your wonderful posts. I am also of long-term Southern Baptist heritage and was chrismated into Orthodoxy in July 2014. Thanks. Michael Carter Watkinsville, GA

    1. Michael, Welcome home! I would love to hear your story.


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