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Jezebel Despises True Authority

Here are selected quotes on how the spirit of Jezebel is an enemy of the Orthodox Church. These quotes highlight her independence and opposition to all authority, especially spiritual authority. The spirit of Jezebel can influence or control men, but it is most often the strongest in women. Her goal is to disrupt, destroy (especially the clergy), cause disunity, control, and to exhibit her own authority. She is rebellious, curses from an evil spirit, and with arrogance.
"For rebellion (from marah- rebellion, perverseness, bitterness) is like the sin of divination (from quasem- to divine- to curse- false visions, idolatries, delusions of their own minds), and arrogance like the evil of idolatry (Terapim- family idols, images, cultic masks -[evil generational strongholds])." 1 Sam 15:23
Discern the spirit of any woman woman, who, independent of a husband, mingles with or converses. on a regular basis with or to the clergy or the church, if she has not been recognized by a Bishop as having a particular grace (charism) which would warrant such a relationship. Take greatest caution in the arena of Social Media, where it is easiest to set up a platform of pseudo-authority and speak to the masses.

“Jezebel demands recognition for herself while serving as the enemy of the true prophetic ministry. Jezebel was the greatest enemy of one of the Old Covenant’s most powerful prophets, Elijah, whose ministry especially represents preparing of the way for the Lord. The Jezebel spirit is one of the most potent forms of the religious spirit which seeks to keep the church and the world from being prepared for the return of the Lord. This spirit especially attacks the prophetic ministry because that ministry has an important place in preparing the way of the Lord. That is why John the Baptist was persecuted by a personification of Jezebel in the wife of Herod. The prophetic ministry is the primary vehicle through which the Lord gives timely, strategic direction to His people. Jezebel knows that removing the true prophets will make the people vulnerable to her false prophets, which always leads to idolatry and spiritual adultery.” 2 (Epic Battles of the Last Days, pg.137) Mental Disorder and Jezebel
Jezebel’s greatest enemy is true spiritual authority. As Jezebel opposed Elijah and Herodias opposed John the Baptist, so Jezebel today opposes righteous authority. In her heart, she despises all moral authority.
Jezebels love to project a sense of power they do not have. It is based on fear and intimidation, in order to cloud the minds of those they desire to oppress. Steve Sampson (p 14)
Jezebels revile (despise and show no respect for) authority over her. Building on “dislike of authority” (especially of men since they are frequently the authority figure) coupled with rebellion, she hates anyone placed in authority over her (particularly men), and seeks to destroy them and take their power. Jezebel sees herself as the “goddess on the pedestal”.
Jezebel is like a shark; she is most vicious and dangerous. She circles the lives of others looking for teachable, seducible, controllable, “disciples” of her own. Jezebel likes to birth spiritual children of her own as she looks for disciples to eat from her own table. She will look for those that are in rebellion, who are weak, wounded, or those who are contending, bucking, and fighting any established spiritual authority.
Jezebel hates men and majors in destroying them. She cannot have a true Godly relationship with men; because her desire is to strip them of all their perceived power and then destroy them, to emasculate them emotionally and spiritually.
Another very obvious thing with this kind of spirit is its absolute hatred and disdain for anything to do with spiritual warfare, prayer, and anything to do with God’s true prophets. This spirit hates all of God’s prophets just like Queen Jezebel did back in the OT. And it also hates anyone who is actively involved with spiritual warfare in the Lord. The reason it hates these two types of people is because prophets and those well trained in the area of spiritual warfare are its greatest threat. Prophets and those who are trained in the area of spiritual warfare can easily spot and pick up when they come across this kind of spirit, and they will then know how to get rid of it if the person is open to receiving an actual deliverance. If you want to test a person to see if they have a Jezebel spirit on them, just bring up the subject of prophets and spiritual warfare and watch how this spirit will well up with anger and disgust, and from there, will try and change the conversation to something else. You will hit a nerve every time you do this with this kind of spirit.

A real and current example of the Jezebel Spirit at work is found in a woman named Joanna Higginbotham of Oregon who operates Ms Higginbotham's conduct was profiled in the August 7, 2014 JTO article Blogger Troll Confesses to Criminal Record-"Big Deal". The Remnant ROCOR blog contains the name of Bishop Agafangel and the ROCOR jurisdiction to which Higginbotham is a part, however, in a recent direct conversation between JTO Administrator Nathan Lee Lewis and Bishop Agafangel, the Bishop stated that he did not know who Higginbotham was nor was he aware of her blog activities.  He deferred the matter to Higginbotham's priest, Father Gregory Williams, of Holy Annunciation in Liberty, Tennessee. Father Gregory Williams has previously stated that he would issue Higginbotham a "cease and desist" order if he thought it would do any good. 

"I've known Joanna for a very long time. She lived here for quite a while (maybe more than a year; I've forgotten), had me up on a pedestal within a few weeks, left in a rage when I wouldn't take her orders to baptize her future son-in-law while he was living "without benefit of clergy" with her pregnant daughter, then marry them. For several years I was public enemy #1 so far as she was concerned, with endless letters to bishops, other clergy, you name it. After a few years of getting no "satisfactory" response, she went on to someone else. After the marriage (accomplished quite uncanonically; resulting in a reprimand to the offending priest from the bishop) collapsed in disaster and the defection of most of our brethren to the MP, she changed her mind. I have little or no control over her activities, either by e-mail or blog (of which she also has many). Before setting her sights on you, she engaged in a war with [another parishioner]... If I thought it would do any good, I would issue a "cease and desist" order." Father Gregory Williams

For Higginbotham's own priest to confess the futility of dealing with her is telling. Even though Father Gregory has the authority to rebuke, discipline, withhold the sacraments until repentance or deliverance, he has seemingly abdicated his responsibility in the matter. This is the classic and documented rebellious Jezebel spirit at work. She has gained a foothold of control over her priest while her Bishop, who does not speak English, has, until recently, been ignorant of the fact that the spirit of Jezebel is publicly representing his church. Father Gregory cannot claim the same ignorance. In fact, curiously, Father Gregory currently lists himself on his Google Profile as an administrator of the ROCOR Refuges blog. the original blog that now links to Remnant ROCOR.

Higginbotham's operates up to 17 blogs, and participation on several others. Several of these blogs typically include the personal destruction of individuals and the defamation and libel of individual clergy whom she targets, with rumors, gossip, name-calling, innuendo, doctored photos, false accusations, and fabricated stories. She is vehemently opposed to any unity with other jurisdictions and promotes her own jurisdiction as the only legitimate Russian Church while vilifying anyone who disagrees with her by publicly calling them, among other things, psychopaths or cultists. She does not speak for nor is she recognized by her Bishop or jurisdiction, although her blogs are designed to appear so. She, in fact, is under no one's authority- Bishop or Priest - Jezebel never is. Unfortunately, her bishop, priest and jurisdiction are credited for her conduct.

Exhortation: Take time to click on the links after each quote. Study up on the activity of this evil spirit in the church today. Be aware of the tactics and methods it uses. Like a Trojan Horse, a wolf in sheep's clothing, or a lion roaming to and fro, Jezebel seeks whom she may devour toward the destruction of men's souls. If you are a bishop or a priest and are unable to curtail the activities of a Jezebel in your midst, you might at least do what Bishop Agafangel recommended Father Gregory do regarding Joanna Higginbotham:
"We can make a statement that this source does not belong to our church."  
One might also demand the removal of any link or reference to your jurisdiction and, certainty, do not participate as an administrator on a blog influenced by a Jezebel Spirit. The key is to isolate them and cut them off from direct influence over the flock you shepherd. Do not give them a platform of credibility from which to operate. Most of all, PRAY and FAST and STAND FIRM in the face of evil--

"For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places."

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