Tuesday, August 11, 2015

False Prophet Watch- Munday Martin- "Make Jesus Famous"

I was introduced to a young Munday Martin years prior to his becoming a Faith Healer. We met for lunch. At the time, he was wanting to be a filmmaker. Every video he has posted of "healings and miracles" are wrought with the power of suggestion. Not one of the videos show anything that is demonstrably a miracle and no evidence other than people bending and moving and talking is offered. In other Munday videos, claims are made that a woman has a new gold filling appear in her tooth, or cancer is gone. I have challenged Munday on his You Tube to offer evidence and bring the doctor's reports or follow-up interviews with the individuals in the videos. He has yet to do so.

Years ago I attended a meeting in which an evangelist told an amazing, moving, story of a healing that had taken place in one of his meetings. The story was riveting and truly inspirational as to the power of God and the love of our savior for mankind. The only problem is, I had heard the exact story told in first person by another evangelist. Such stories are the tools of these roving faith healers, When pressed, they admit they are just stories, but justify this practice by saying, it "increases people's faith." By any account, it is called, lying. Perhaps this is why Munday will not do follow up reports? Perhaps the failure to validate the claims made in his meetings will cause people to lose faith? If the claims are false and no healing are taking place, in what or whom is Munday inviting people to have faith?
"Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, for many false prophets have gone out into the world."

When hearing of these miracles and seeing these video claims, one must weigh what the faith healer says has occurred with what can actually be witnessed or confirmed. Set aside the music, the use of a microphone and the emotions. Watch for subterfuge and suggestion. The following is Munday's You Tube heading, description and You Tube Video, which he invites others to "share". I am sharing, so that you might see the unreliability of its claims. Notice he starts with a presupposition that the man has metal in his body - unverified. He says he "got word" of another miracle where a man's metal disappeared. He inserts that story in the description to influence what one is about to view. This is likened to Benny Hinn's practice of providing wheelchairs to attendees at his conferences. They do not require a wheelchair, but are told it is for their comfort. In actuality, it is for the theatrical visual of seeing them rise from the wheelchair, when Benny heals them.  

Munday invites people to come to the front, if they want "metal to dissolve from their body." The only thing we actually see on the video is that the man is bending "better" with no pain. The claims are by his wife standing nearby, by not the man himself. So, what was so amazing in Munday's video and why is it a miracle? Test the spirit:

[from You Tube]
Amazing Metal Cage Miracle: Munday Martin
Watch this amazing miracle as Munday Martin calls out a word of knowledge for someone who has metal in their body in Phoenix, Az. This man had a METAL CAGE implanted in his back 2 months prior from a severe car accident! He came and was completely healed and made whole by the power of the Holy Spirit! His wife was crying as she witnessed God's healing power as her husband was now able to do what he COULD NOT do before! Munday just got word this year in 2015 that this same miracle happened in a meeting and a man with metal bones implanted all throughout his body from a car accident went to the doctor and all the metal was gone in his body, taking away 30 years of pain. Holy Spirit, we ask you to use videos like this to make Jesus famous. There is truly nothing impossible with our God! Feel free to share this amazing video!

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