Thursday, March 30, 2017

Pedophilia And Our Political Leaders

WARNING: Breaking today:

This is the most disturbing thing I have ever seen on the internet. John Podesta, Bill Clinton's former Chief of staff and Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman is allegedly a pedophile and kingpin of an international child trafficking ring. This is your Democratic party folks. It is also the heart of your Hollywood elite. The FBI under this GREAT president and Attorney general are bringing it all down. If you try to spin it, you are as evil as they are. NO MORE GAMES! 300 plus just arrested in California. Adoption agency raided in Ohio. Over 400 children missing in DC. Wikileaks exposed Podesta and Comet Pizza using child trafficking code words. I had to stop the video for a moment (too intense) in which Podesta is yelling at children as they scream in terror and pain. A voice analysis is included with a video clip of Podesta at the end. How many of our political officials are involved? Could this be one of the reasons they have and are trying to bring down Trump? Short. About two minutes. Please share this with the world NOW, before it goes away.

Text: Allegedly John Podesta and children on video: 

Man Yelling: "You think you're hot shit doncha?" 

Children crying and screaming on other side of a glass partition.

"Ya think you hot…" 

Children continue to yell. Banging noises heard. Motion can be seen. Children moving rapidly.

"Listen up! What’s my fa…what’s my name?!"

More screaming and protesting.

"What’s my name?! My other name! Wadda you call me?"

One child yelling...garbled

"I am your fatha! From now on you will call me your fatha!"

Child screaming. Bangs heard throughout.

"Shup! I…you will call me your fatha! What am, what is my name, huh?!"

Man’s voice changes- starts child-like singing: 

"I'm just a kid who's four, each day I grow some more, (inaudible jumble) sing! Each day I grow some more," (garbled singing increasing in tempo…)

Loudest, blood curdling scream from child as man continues singing …Maniacal laugh from man. Children screaming…

Man still singing:"Finding my way… Growing up is not so tough... ’cept when I’ve had enough…"

Man lets out a scream as children keep yelling and screaming.

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