Monday, April 03, 2017

Why Do They Lie?

Here is what Neil deGrasse Tyson, Winner of the  NASA Distinguished Public Service Medal, says about the theory of gravity.

Questioner: What is gravity?

Tyson: We have no idea. Okay next question. Ha.

Questioner: Wow.

Tyson: No. Here’s the difference. We can describe gravity. We can say what it does to other things. We caaaan… we caaaan… measure it, predict with it, but when you start asking, like, whaaat it is… uh I, I, I don’t know. Einstein, in an Einsteinian answer, we would  say, that gravity is the curvature of space and time…and that….and objects will follow the curvature of space time and we, we… interpret that as a force of gravity. That probably the best answer I can give to a what is gravity question, or why is there gravity. That’s the best I can do. I think that…that’s a good start.

Conjecture, theory, interpretation, lack of knowledge. Where is the science? Einstein was an uneducated patent clerk turned Theoretical Physicist (emphasis on theoretical). His contemporary, Nikola Tesla, had an advanced education in engineering and physics. He understood and proved, by real science, not theoretical, the nature of the earth and exposed the gravity hoax.  So, gravity is “space and time curvature” Neil? Please! The scales are falling from our eyes.

NASA is a religion with propaganda priests.  Founded and operated by the secret society of Freemasons, and originally staffed with Nazi scientists. And you believe their every word, why?

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  1. So are you being serious with this flat earth thought, or being facetious?

  2. Presenting a serious, thoughtful question. Not facetious.


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