Saturday, May 27, 2017

The Problem In Crete

“How could it happen that the Holy and Great Council on Crete called heterodox heretical communities ‘Churches? They said, wrote, and signed the term 'heterodox Christian Churches.' So now heretics have become a ‘Church?’ Then what one Church do we talk about in the Symbol of Faith?... The worst part... is that in calling the heterodox ‘Churches,’ they gave it weight, presenting the matter in such a way as if this position has historical justification: The Orthodox Church accepts the historical name of other heterodox Christian Churches and Confessions…’ What does ‘historical name’ mean? When and where did the Holy Fathers call heresies and schisms ‘Churches?’ Nowhere and never! ... we do not recognize heresies and schisms as ‘Churches.’” METROPOLITAN JEREMIAH OF GORTYS
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