Friday, July 17, 2009

The Core of the Crisis

From An Anonymous Priest

+Philip has never been ashamed to play favorites.

This has caused a great many people to doubt Philip’s ability to judge their own situations fairly. Many clergy fear offending one of Philip’s ‘friends,’ since they can ask him to intervene on their behalf to the detriment of the ‘non-friend.’

There would be no rumors or accusations of discrimination if Philip were reputed to be fair in his dealings. Since he is not, he leaves himself open to
such charges...

"Metropolitan Philip is going to have to learn to stop playing favorites. He is going to have to punish his friends who have brought shame to the Church. He is also going to have to admit that he has protected wrongdoers and has acted in ways that he would never tolerate in others.

Obviously, I don’t think he has it in him to change at this stage of the game to encourage him to retire voluntarily, or failing that, force him into retirement by shutting off his cash supply. The Holy Synod of Antioch could always remove him because of ‘incapacitation.’

After all, a Bishop who sends his entire flock into rebellion is certainly ‘incapacitated.’"

Read the full article HERE. From Orthodox Christians For Accountability.

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